VS-A705-Miracle Max Royale Under Counter Ionizer

Product Description

In Alkaline Water Purifier in India Now you can enjoy all of the great features of the M.A.X. but with an under counter ionizer that doesn't clutter your counter. In fact, all you will see above the sink is a beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and a touch sensitive computerized Smartphone panel.

The new Chanson Miracle M.A.X. ™ Royale was developed to be used in hospitals but is suitable for home use. You'll love the Sleek and beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and easy to use Smartphone-like display panel that allows you to make all of your selections at the faucet with a gentle touch of the screen 7 medical grade non-leaching Titanium plates featuring nano fritting technology, mineral salt port to enhance strength of acid water (great for those with soft water).

Alkaline water Ionizer machine transform ordinary tap water into fresh, ionized alkaline water for drinking, strong alkaline water for decreasing, and low pH acidic water for a non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting, and beauty purposes.

Water made at 2.7 PH has been third party lab verified to disinfect staph and e-coli on contact, and the Royale can make this pH with any water source, something not many ionizers can do!

Product Features

Your Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale Offers:

Ease of Use
Just touch the control screen and select the type of water you want. The stainless steel faucet has a beautiful Smartphone-like display, and allows you to get both alkaline and acidic streams of water right at the sink. This faucet is used in addition to your kitchen faucet; it is not a replacement for your kitchen faucet. You would never want to run hot water through a water ionizer.

pH Consistency
Chanson water ionizer machine adjust the electrolysis amperage automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent.

Remaining Filter Life Notification
In Alkaline water filter the remaining water filter life will be auto-adjusted according to your water quality. The LCD screen displays the remaining filter life, reminding you to change your filter when necessary.

Self-Clean Function
The Chanson Royale will automatically set its cleaning cycles based on the mineral content of your water. Cleaning always occurs after you turn the water ionizer machine off allows the machine to perform maintenance without ever interrupting your water usage. The Royale will automatically go into a flushing cycle each time you turn on your ionizer. This is a wonderful feature for an under sink ionizer because it allows any standing water in the line to be flushed out before you drink.

Auto-Adjust Function
Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers can be fine tuned for YOUR source water quality! Water supply can vary greatly from state to state and county to county. Because of the difference in source water, an ionizer at the same electrolysis settings will produce different pH levels, a filter in a different water quality condition will have different filter life, and the self-clean function in different water quality conditions will have different frequencies of self-cleaning cycles. The Chanson water ionizer machine can auto-adjust "the remaining water filter life" and "time of self-clean" according to your water quality. You will have your own personalized water ionizer settings!

Auto Shut-off Function
Chanson Royale has an auto shut off at 20 minutes to prevent flooding in case left on by accident. The water ionizer machine can be turned right back on if need be.

Salt Port
The Royale comes with its own mineral salt port to enhance strength of acid water (great for those with soft water). Simply drop a piece of Himalayan rock salt into the port whenever you want to make strong acid water or get an extra lift of energy. Please note that the use of Himalayan rock salts are not required to use your ionizer, they are an added bonus.

Flow Valve
In Alkaline water Ionizer machine you can easily control the flow of your water with the easy-to-use flow valve.

Product Specifications

Our PJ-7000 is a Catalytic Activated Carbon filter silver impregnated with twist lock technology for easier replacement.

Remove lead with our anti-bacterial fiber activated carbon filter

- Removes lead ions and are able to eliminate lead and heavy metal in the old plumbing.

- Absorption volume ability is 20 times greater than activated carbon.

- Absorption area ability is 150 times greater than activated carbon.

- Absorption speed is 10 times greater than activated carbon.

- Anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated coconut shell activated carbon.


Can I hook my ionizer up to a spray?

Yes, the ACE Aerator Adapter 15/16 will allow you to connect your diverter to most of the pullout/spray type faucets (not all, but most). Get the Ace Aerator Adapter.


See how much space it takes up under the sink

Installation of the Nano Filter with the Miracle Max Royale

Installing the Chanson C3 with the Miracle Max Royale

More Details

In Chanson alkaline water purifier in India our plates are made with a fritting process. Here's how it works: First we apply a thick layer of platinum clan coating measuring 0.5 mm (most competitors only use between 0.1 to 0.3 mm). Next we send the plates into the oven with a temperature of 1,112 F (600 C) for the crystal to be formed on the surface of each layer of coating applied. Due to the thickness of the coating, we send the plates into the oven not once, but multiple times to ensure that the coatings are sturdy. Because they are baked with such high temperatures, the crystal (different uneven layers) is able to form. This provides outstanding electricity conductivity on our plates.

Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Chamber

- The electrode of titanium nano- platinum clan component.

- High quality ceramic ion exchange membrane.

- The design of rectangular electrolysis chamber slows the flow time and increases electrolysis ability.

Chanson electrode magnified 5000 times photo

- Fritting at many levels will not come off.

- Ceramic attitude surface of micro-structure.

- The electrolytic effective surface area is very large (364 square inch).

Other Brands electrode magnified 5000 times photo

- The electrolytic surface area is small.

- Electrolytic ORP value is easy to decline.

- Electrode area is not the proper way to measure its electrolytic ability; rather, it is the effective surface area that determines the electrolytic efficiency of the electrode.

Chanson electrodes are smooth and solid, no mesh or perforated plates are used ever.

Superior Customer Service

If you have any questions about your ionizers installation or performance we are just a phone call away. Call 1800-120-456000 and select technical support.