Admin Aug, 07 2020

Anti-Oxidant Potential Of Drinking Alkaline Water against COVID-19

Alkaline water therapy as a potential systemic pH(Potential of Hydrogen) suppressant that could inhibit the activities of the COVID virus...

Admin Aug, 07 2020

Conformational Changes of Corona Virus at 8.0 pH Drinking Alkaline Water

We have obtained biochemical and electron microscopic evidence of conformational changes at pH 8.0 and 37°C in the corona virus spike...

Admin Apr, 30 2020

How does alkaline water work in our body?

‘Alkaline Water Works’ is not a new budge in the industry, its rather making rounds from years rather a few decades but still...

Admin Apr, 27 2020

Alkaline water – Your Insurance to Good Health and Longer Life

Alkaline water is considered as the Insurance to good health and longer life, naturally without leading to any side effects - it' the...

Admin Mar, 30 2020

Alkaline Water are safe: Covid 19

No one yet knows enough about the novel coronavirus, also known as SARS-Cov2, to offer any vaccine.  And that explains the lockdowns...

Admin Mar, 25 2020

Alkaline and Acidic water and its effect on Covid-19

World emerged with corona virus from last year in December 2019 this virus effect your respiratory system. The named “coronavirus&r...

Admin Mar, 21 2020

Alkaline Water and Its Effect on Novel Corona Virus

The corona virus emerged in only December last year, but already the world is dealing with a pandemic of the virus and the disease it cau...

Admin Mar, 13 2020

Why Is Alkaline water considered as the Game Changer in 2020?

Times have changed and so have changed the trends of staying healthy and fit. And with the beginning of the new decade, it would be a gre...

Admin Mar, 04 2020

Is indian are drinking alkaline water or only rich countries are drinking it

Dr Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery made the revolutionary claim that “NO disease, including cancer, ...

Admin Feb, 22 2020

How Is Alkaline Water leading to Healthy India?

As per the National Health Profile 2019, released in October 2019, the life expectancy in India has increased to 68.7 years from 2012 to ...

Admin Dec, 11 2019

Dr Softener, the Best Water Softener

Product Description

Dr Softener uses a Patented Ceramic ...

Admin Nov, 25 2019

Drinking Chanson Alkaline water promotes heart health

Yes! You heard, right. Drinking Chanson Alkaline Water promotes heart health....

Admin Nov, 13 2019

How is Chanson Different from the Rest of the Water Ionizer Industry?

Last night Chanson co-founder and former CEO Ronnie Ruiz got surprised rather shocked and grieved while surfing the net, when all of a su...

Admin Oct, 30 2019

Don't get OLD before age

No! That's great. 

But is it really so, check once more and be honest to yourself?

It happens with us all; y...

Admin Oct, 25 2019

3 Reasons To Buy An Alkaline Water Machine Over Other Filtration Systems

So, now water can cure you.

Sounds strange! Yes, but it’s true, now...

Admin Oct, 20 2019

Alkaline water – Your Insurance to Good Health and Longer Life

Alkaline water is considered as the Insurance to good health and longer life, naturally without leading to any side effects — it&rs...

Admin Oct, 12 2019

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water During Pregnancy - Chanson India

The Alkaline Ionized water is a boon for pregnant ladies in more than one way or another. We all know that wat...

Admin Sep, 09 2019

How does Alkaline Chanson Water reduce Blood Pressure

The modern era, no doubt has made our life sophisticated, convenient and comfortable, but at the same time, it...

Admin Sep, 30 2019

How does a water ionizer can save your money?

Water ionizers are no more a matter of Lifestyle or luxury. Nowadays people are conscious and are becoming awa...

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