American marine orp maintenance kit

American marine orp maintenance kit

Pinpoint® ORP Maintenance Kit

PINPOINT® ORP Maintenance Kits are a must to let your Water Quality Meters keep working for years – correctly, accurately, and efficiently without fail.

Maintenance Kits Guarantees you -

1) Life-long service

2) Better and Faster readings

3) Error-Free results

PINPOINT ORP Maintenance Kit includes

- Storage fluid

- Calibration Fluid Pouches: 4 nos.

- Cleaning/Polishing Strips: 2 Nos.

- The Calibration Fluid is used for occasional verification of the meter/probe accuracy and fitness for working conditions.

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The Probe Storage Fluid is to be stored in a storage bottle up to half of its total capacity. It maintains the probe response and makes it work quick and crisp.

Cleaning/Polishing Strips are meant for reconditioning the platinum probe tip, which is jewelry-grade, to read the low negative ORP values accurately. It's not the only method to maintain these tips and to prevent them from being getting destroyed as the tip surface is made up of delicate platinum.

These Cleaning/Polishing strips to be used again and again and can be shared with your friends also in case you have some extra. If the machine readings are not as per your experience you need not get panic; a five-second cleaning with these strips would fix the problem, and that’s what's you need at this moment

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