How is Chanson Different from the Rest of the Water Ionizer Industry?

Nov, 13 2019

How is Chanson Different from the Rest of the Water Ionizer Industry?

Last night Chanson co-founder and former CEO Ronnie Ruiz got surprised rather shocked and grieved while surfing the net, when all of a sudden, a water ionizer site popped up displaying customer reviews of their water ionizer machines.

And, from here begin the review of other water ionizer's customer reviews too, to learn how they are misguiding and misleading the innocent customers to force them to rely upon misleading customer reviews deliberately crafted favouring their outdated and poor-quality water ionizers, to lure prospects buying their products under the disguise of being a right product.

B​ut why does it happen so?

The water ionizer is very interesting but least explored and highly illusory to mislead someone about its benefits, features, characteristics quickly, and what shall be looked into while purchasing. As there's a vast vacuum of real alkaline water intellectuals and the industry lacks genuine experts, leaders, consultants, and competent authorities, it is easier to fool anyone.

And above all, finding one is nothing short of finding a needle in a haystack.

So, any Tom and Jenny try to direct the market towards his product highlighting the limitations as the strength and the worst arrives when it doesn't take long for innocent prospects to get trapped in their honey-laced videos and mala fide claims.

What's the reality of the Water Ioniser Industry?

There are many companies in the fray supplying water ionizer machines with numerous names. A few of them claim themselves as the manufacturers while a few others assemblers and a few suppliers of all the brands as those who project themselves universal to sell all the brands without bias as per the client’s choice are the worst of the whole lot. These traders encash all the innocent people by making people believe them in their innocence, straightforwardness and genuineness of their claims to buy any brand from them without making people realize their internal axe what they are grinding.

But, are these suppliers helping people in buying a genuine ioniser?

No, such people are instead sharks to cut deep in the pocket and supply the most inferior product as all their claims point towards that specific brand which interests them the most because of bringing maximum profit from its sale. And, the poor people don't even try to pursue genuinely good product as it had been already side-lined silently during the sales talk mentioning as not-so-good in comparison to what the cunning sharks are trying to push hard to sell.

In this manner, an inferior product is sold, making customers believe their limitations and flaws as the USPs after fetching huge money by just bluffing and making clients never avail the real benefits of the ionized water. So, in the long run, the indigent clients lose badly, one by paying more and second by never availing the real benefits of ionized water.

So, what shall a water-ionizer prospect do?

The answer is straight to try the product and if it's not giving projected benefits then better complain and take back money. Otherwise, talk to Chanson Water Ionizer experts to clarify doubt and learn the facts and figures, without getting further stuck up with the previous supplier. Consulting by them is no way an obligation to purchase their product or change one’s mind. As long as you are satisfied with your product, Chanson is happy and still willing to discuss your mind and share their thoughts with substantial proofs and other testimonials to accept a genuine product as per their satisfaction and acceptance.

But, then whom to trust?

Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers!

Who is Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers?

Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers are the established leaders in the water ionizer industry from last more than thirty years. They begin their water ionizer journey as a simple supplier of few water ionizer brands for a year or two, and then emerge out with their state-of-the-art Alkaline Water Ionisers, with time tested proven technology to provide masses with the best alkaline water across the entire planet.

How they enter Water Ionizers Sector?

They started with other brands, and while selling other brands, they come to know the reality of the product and the claim of the brand. While in doing so they underwent a whole new world of research and development of alkaline water, it's characteristics, benefits, side-effects, drawbacks and strategize to come out with the best water ionizer in the market to let people live younger, healthier, vibrant, and fit to lead a happier and longer life. From all these studies, reports, white papers, research and developments evolved out their product the Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer which incorporates all the benefits of an ideal water ionizer to deliver the best water lifelong to all their clients without complaint and without fail.

How are Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers manufactured?

Chanson has checked the versatility of all the claims duly tested in the Government certified laboratories with all the components individually tested and inspected for compliance without relying on the reports their manufacturers carry and the applications they boast for. They checked all the parts to their satisfaction as per the prevailing standards. Once satisfied, they gave their name to that water ionizer and started promoting it. They have ample reports and certificates to prove their claim to the client's satisfaction and assurance.

But here the story doesn't end. Chanson used to inspect the product at the manufacturer's premises to ensure that all components are in manufacturing as per the claims without any short-cuts to make quick gains by their manufacturer.

Like manufacturing, the product undergoes stage inspection at every stage from raw material to production, from assembling to testing, from testing to review and from review to final compliance as per the best international standards and practices.

What is Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers Motto?

Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers believe in educating the clients by promoting correct standards and right practices. They are more focussed on awaking the clients about ideal Alkaline Water Ionisers, their characteristics, features, and other benefits. They have the laboratory reports to prove all what they preach and what they profess.

They trust a satisfied client is worth thousands of millions of advertising. It doesn't matter what you advertise and how much, but what matters is what your clients talk about the product and the benefits they have undergone while using Chanson Alkaline Water Ioniser. Nowadays, their satisfied clients are their best mouthpieces and brand ambassadors who don't get tired praising their product and sharing the difference between them and the rest of the market.

How they are different from rest of the entire market?

Let's begin with an instance, as when we buy a computer, we rely on the memory and the speed of the computer, though these two parameters don't speak all aspects of it and remain silent on more than eighty per cent of the computer. And we believe that we got the best computer and the latest machine in the industry as it has satisfied our two parameters, which were known to us without realizing that most of the features to be checked are still left and untouched.

Similarly, the claims and the final certificates which other water ionizer brands or manufacturers display to the clients are a mere eyewash and are clever enough to let people take the Water Ioniser as a genuine product with the latest technology. In contrast, the showcased certificates don't display any such aspect and have nothing to do with the quality of the water it delivers. 

But Chanson goes many miles ahead to stem your faith and freeze your confidence in them.

Said so far, here are Chansons performance parameters and proofs Chanson forwards to substantiate its product and claim for being the best in the industry. And the best part is that these tests were done on those products when Chanson was selling almost all the brands and was in the zero downing process to dig out the superior product without any bias to pick some particular brand. So, that Chanson can rely on some particular product to trust, supply and finally promote it without any apprehension of being biased. 

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