PL-A902-Revolution semi-commercial ionizer

Product Description

The Revolution can produce a 9.6 pH and -130 ORP on 6.6 liters per minute flow rate. This is the best performance of ANY ionizer we have ever tested, even 11 plate machines. As a comparison most 7 plate’s ionizers will produce similar results with 2-3 liters per minute flow rate.

Features - 9 plate light duty commercial grade performance.
- World’s only salt port for adding Himalayan Rock salts.
- Super light weight and portable, weighs 6.5 Kilo grams.
- Integrated wall mount inserts on back of unit.
- Quick connect plumbing for super easy installation.

Convenient Notifications/Alarms - Hot water sensor and auto alarm.
- Low and high water flow alarms to let you know where you are not getting maximum ionization.
- Speaks to you for all functions and settings with adjustable volume or on/off function.
- Change filters notification.
- Advanced Touch Panel.

Easy Cleaning – (RADD cleaning system)
- Adjustable self cleaning intervals can be set to self clean at every 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 liters of usage. This allows customers in low or soft water areas or those with Reverse Osmosis filters to reduce cleaning frequency.
- Ability to do periodic Citric acid deep cleanings without needing to purchase any special filters. Chanson’s permanent filter cup can be filled with the cleaning solution, and run effectively to clean throughout the machine. Eventually all water ionizers need this cleaning, regardless of how well the auto cleaning cycle works.

Superior Power & Flow - Extended run-time of up to 10 hours, at full flow rate, less at slower flow rates.
- New light duty commercial duty SMPS power supply.
- Pulse width electronic delivery system, allows better results at lower power levels.

Safety Guarantee - Thoroughly tested and approved by CE organization.
- BPA, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Iron free materials- ROHS compliant.
- Safe non toxic plastics used inside ionizer.
- Chanson electrodes are smooth and solid, no mesh or perforated plates used ever.

On board Chemical-Free Filter Super easy to change!
The Chanson Revolution contains a chemical-free, five micron silver-impregnated coconut shell carbon block filter which addresses some basic chemical contaminants like chlorine and chloramines and helps protect the machine itself. You won't find secret, dangerous, or unproven ingredients in our drinking water filters--EVER! As with all water ionizers, we recommend a drinking water pre-filter for best results. On board filter replacement should be every 12 months with a pre-filtration system.

Product Specifications

Height 12" x Width 9.75" x Depth 5.5"

Effective Flow Rate
6.6 liters per minute

pH Levels
1.8 to 12.1 with TDS >100 to <500

ORP Levels
+1,200 to -920

Number of Plates
9 at 3.5" x 7.25" (456.75square in total surface area), 99.989% pure titanium with Chanson exclusive platinum clan nano coating

6.5 KG

Filter Life
9000 Liters or 1 Year (subject to pre filtration require)

98 degrees F

Water Pressure
8 - 90 PSI

Power Consumption
5-150 watts

5 micron silver impregnated coconut shell carbon block

Installation Video

More Details

Our plates are made with a fritting process. Here's how it works: First we apply a thick layer of platinum clan coating measuring 0.5 mm (most competitors only use between 0.1 to 0.3 mm). Next we send the plates into the oven with a temperature of 1,112 F (600 C) for the crystal to be formed on the surface of each layer of coating applied. Due to the thickness of the coating, we send the plates into the oven not once, but multiple times to ensure that the coatings are sturdy. Because they are baked with such high temperatures, the crystal (different uneven layers) is able to form. This provides outstanding electricity conductivity on our plates.

On board filter

- Removes lead ions and are able to eliminate lead and heavy metal in the old plumbing.

- Absorption volume ability is 20 times greater than activated carbon.

- Absorption area ability is 150 times greater than activated carbon.

- Absorption speed is 10 times greater than activated carbon.

- Silver-impregnated coconut shell activated carbon.

Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Chamber

- The electrode of titanium nano- platinum clan component.

- High quality ceramic ion exchange membrane.

- The design of rectangular electrolysis chamber slows the flow time and increases electrolysis ability.

Chanson electrode magnified 5000 times photo

- Fitting at many levels will not come off.

- Ceramic attitude surface of micro-structure.

- The electrolytic effective surface area is large.

Other Brands electrode magnified 5000 times photo

- The electrolytic surface area is small.

- Electrolytic ORP value is easy to decline.

- Electrode area is not the proper way to measure its electrolytic ability; rather, it is the effective surface area that determines the electrolytic efficiency of the electrode.

Revolution FAQs

Q. Does the Revolution still need a pre-filter?

A. Yes, like all Chanson ionizers, the Revolution uses the JP6000 filter and we recommend pre-filtration for all customers. Ionization causes the water molecule to be smaller, potentially concentrating any contaminates. Pre-filtration removes a greater percentage of chlorine, chloramines, arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and other contaminates than any brand of ionizers on board filter can by itself. Buy one to protect your health.

Q. Do we need ionizer armor with the Revolution advanced cleaning system?

A. Yes. Ionizer armor will help protect your drinking glasses from the white build up of calcium.

Q. Is Himalayan Rock salt good for me?

A. Yes it is. Himalayan rock salts have essential minerals that the body can utilize, and it is the purest form of rock salt available.