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Interested in becoming a Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer dealer or distributor?

We offer outstanding products, outstanding profit, outstanding customer service and outstanding marketing materials. We believe the only way for US to succeed is by helping YOU succeed. Therefore, we offer the most comprehensive marketing, sales, customer service and dealer support tools in this industry. Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer invite you to discover how integrity, dedication, and quality can assist you in building a thriving business.

If you are not currently a business owner, many tax deductions become available to you as a Chanson Dealer. Consult your tax professional for details, as your ionizer purchases and many business related expenses may be tax deductible.

Why Join Chanson Water

  • The most complete range of products representing the best profit potential.
  • Cutting edge design, features and technology, including the most advanced under sink model water ionizer.

Comprehensive sales and marketing tools:

  • Free leads for qualifying dealers.
  • A robust package of online web tools including web sites, dealer training, over 32 marketing tools, brochures, flyers, e.t.c
  • Live dealer support.

Best customer support tools:

  • Automated ordering system, with full online package tracking.
  • Each Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer comes with an excellent installation, use, and maintenance DVD.
  • Live customer support and automatic UPS tracking.


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