OH-230-SOzonator (Ozone Sanitizer)

Product Description

The Miracle Sanitizer

OH-230-SOzonator is a natural green system to protect you and your surroundings from all pollutants, germs, fungi, mould, bacteria, foul smell and other pathogens that are not visible to the naked eye but are responsible for major diseases. These elements lead to human sufferings leading and major health setback followed by incurable diseases. The Miracle Sanitizer free your surroundings from the foul smell, odours and eradicate all toxic pollutants in the natural way nature does all, leaving only pure oxygen and clean and germ-free surroundings behind.

The Miracle Sanitizer is Mother Nature’s cleansing and detoxifying powers, embodied in a box! They work through precision-controlled plasma gasification and electronic corona discharge emission. The usual ozone generators prevailing in the market are metallic plate-based and are prone to oxidation, which cut their life short to one to three years irrespective of what their manufacturers claim.

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Whereas, the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer works on a quartz crystal tube that lasts forever as it doesn't wear out or need to be replaced. It releases purified gases in the same way the Mother Nature does by producing Activated Oxygen (Ozone, O3) and Negative ions from the sun, rain, waterfalls, lightning storms, ocean waves, etc. In the absence of this natural cleansing process, the world would have collapsed by now due to putrefaction from the planet’s natural waste, pollutants and other by-products.

The Miracle Sanitizer does the same by providing you with all these benefits on-demand at your home, office or any other premise. Now you need to wait for the Mother Nature to cleanse your environment, which rather may not be naturally accessible, as in closed compact rooms or small houses or too cluttered places and other filthy areas. You can now avail the Mother Nature's benefits by installing the Miracle Sanitizer at any place, no matter howsoever small or cluttered or isolated it may be.

How does the Miracle Sanitizer work?

The Miracle Sanitizer eradicates all the toxins and the pollutants in the nearby surroundings and leaves behind pure oxygen as a by-product. The Miracle Sanitizer releases activated oxygen (O3) and negative ions.

The activated oxygen (O3), an unstable gas released by the Miracle Sanitizer in the same natural way, nature produces. This activated oxygen has a natural tendency of reverting to normal oxygen (O2) in close to 30 minutes. While doing so, it eliminates all the odours, toxins, pathogens and pollutants from the nearby area that are the major causes of all illness and diseases.

The activated oxygen and the negative ions emitted by the Miracle Sanitizer are at safe levels as that of nature. They are never dangerous or harmful to humans, pets and plantations. All Chanson products are International laboratories tested and certified for their performance and safety. They are meant for continuous usage round the clock without any apprehension.

What are the uses of Miracle Sanitizer?

  1. To Deodorize and sanitize shoes, toilet bowls, closets, cars, bathrooms, and refrigerators. And, it is as simple as keeping the bubble stone attached to the Miracle Sanitizer in the nearby environment and let it ozonate for next 10 minute.

  2. The Miracle Sanitizers in 10-20 minutes clear off any room of mould, mildew and other foul odours prevailing there.

  3. It is the best to sterilize baby bottles, toys and other daycare equipment used in homes or hospitals. The bubble stone ozonates the water within 5-10 minutes. The spray bottles spray this water on to the surfaces and countertops for cleaning.

  4. It is used for cleaning Fish tanks, small water tanks and other water reservoirs.

  5. It is used for cleaning bedbugs, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, etc. from sheets, pillows and mattresses by keeping the bubble stone in a nearby area without coming in direct contact with the fabric, lest it should discolour it.

  6. It is used in treating body fungi such as Athlete's Foot, Jock Itch and Ringworm. The Miracle Sanitizer also cleanses areas like gym mats, parlour equipment, and other damp areas.

  7. It can also be used to treat acne and other types of skin infections like bedsores, ulcers.

  8. It is used to eliminate cigar, cigarettes and other smoke odours in the offices, homes, cars, etc.

  9. The Miracle Sanitizer is the best to energize your sitting environment. It has the same effect of that we receive while being near a waterfall, ocean, or stepping outside after al lightning storm, as, in all these areas, activated oxygen is abundant.

  10. The Miracle Sanitizer is the best to keep close to the patient or in the nearby area for an early cure or recovery.


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