Chanson India Best Alkaline Water Ionizer VS A705 Miracle Max Royale Under Counter Ionizer

PL-B302-Eden Ionizer

Product Description

The PL-B302 Eden Ionizer from Chanson is not only economical and compact but designed richly add to your kitchen style and stylistic theme while serving you the best alkaline water machine one could ever have. It comes with the micro-adjustment facility to set the water as per your need and is the best suitable for your kitchen countertop.

The micro-adjustment feature makes it appropriate to use around the globe with no geographical constraint or without confining the user to comply with a particular type of water source. In this way, whatever is the geographic location or whatever is the type of water source, one can always use PL-B302 without any apprehension of not receiving proper alkaline water. Presently, whatever is the situation, one needs to set the adjustment on the machine and avail the best alkaline ionized water.

The audio voice speaking system of these ionizers are a big boon for homemakers, as the ionizer keeps updating them about the real-time situation of the water ionizer without claiming their attention and making them keep proceeding with their work.

The Chanson Eden is comprised of three plates Japanese electroplate developed by ‘nano; plating technology, the same technology Chanson’s higher range alkaline water ionizers are developed with.

The significant features of Chanson Eden Ionizer are

1. Chemical Free Filter - The Chanson Eden Ionizer, are entirely chemical-free, making the ionizer fit to use anywhere without apprehension of the water source. The filters are five-micron silver-impregnated coconut shell carbon block four stage filter that maintain the pH Consistency. Chanson water ionizers adjust the electrolysis amperage automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent.

2. Easy to change Filters - The filters are easy to change without any expertise or any other skill set. Even any individual can also change.

3. Filter Life Notification - The Eden comes with filter life notification indicator, which continues updating about the condition of the filter to permit the timely arrangement of the new filter to replace the earlier one. The LCD screen continues showing the remaining filter life, reminding the user to change it when necessary to keep continuing receiving proper water.

4. Self-Cleaning Function - Depending upon the mineral content of the ionizer, the cleaning cycles are set automatically in the ionizers always to keep them ready to deliver the required water whenever the need arises. The machine automatically flushes on its own to remain ready to cater to the next demand. It allows the standing water in the chamber to be immediately flushed out on its own as not to let it alter the output during the next delivery.

5. Auto Shut-off Function - The Chanson Ionizer comes with an automatic shut-off function to switch off the machine after every 20 minutes of not in use. While reverting to function, it will restore all the earlier set commands to it.

Do Water Ionizers Really Work?  

Yes! Water ionizers do work. Water ionizers raise the pH of your drinking water by using the method of electrolysis to separate the incoming water into acidic and alkaline. Alkaline water has great benefits and consumption of alkaline water results in a variety of health benefits.

Is ionized water really better for you?  

Ionized water is more beneficial for drinking as it has a higher amount of pH level than plain tap water. Alkaline water has essential salts and minerals that when added to the water, make it more basic and when it is used for drinking and cooking and provides users with several important health benefits. It is considered completely safe for drinking as it contains 100% natural minerals.

What are the benefits of a water ionizer?  

Water ionizer helps to increase the pH level in the water and as the result provides a large benefit for our body. It helps to get rid of mucus from the colon and acts as our immune support system. Alkaline water, in general, keeps us hydrated and benefits our skin health and detoxification on a large scale. Weight loss is also said to decrease with the help of alkaline water hence they provide a great benefit in your daily life.

How does a water ionizer work?

To ionize means to gain or lose an electron. Direct current flows from (-) pole to (+) pole. Electron current (e-) is opposite to current (I), so the movement of electrons flows from (+) pole to (-) pole.

How can ionized water provide both excess oxygen and antioxidants if oxygen is oxidizing?

While traditional water contains free oxygen (O2) which is actually a free radical that oxidizes the body, ionized water binds oxygen to hydrogen resulting in a safer delivery of oxygen to the cells. Ionized water also has negative ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) which means it is full of antioxidants that seek out free radicals.

If I live in a place where the tap water already has an alkaline pH, do I still need a water ionizer?

YES! All tap water is federally regulated to be at least a neutral (7 pH). Our local tap water is in the 9 pH range on most days. However, we never started having any health benefits from our tap water because it lacked ionization. Even when water has an abundance of alkaline minerals, it does not mean that your body can absorb them all. Water ionizers restructure the water, reducing surface tension and making the alkaline minerals in the water bio-available (more easily absorbed by the body).

The process of ionization also creates an abundance of free-radical fighting anti-oxidants which can help slow the aging process. Because the water clusters of ionized water are smaller than regular water, it is able to hydrate up to six times better than conventional water and better detoxify your cells. And finally, all tap water should be filtered before consuming, which is why we recommend a pre-filter in addition to an ionizer. (No ionizer brand, even with a dual filtration sediment on board filter can effectively remove all toxins.)

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