PL-B502-Violet Ionizer

Product Description

PLB-502 Violet ionizer is the most economical model in Chanson's stable of World-Class Alkaline water ionizers, with all the benefits of alkaline water without any bells and whistles and with a most reasonable price to make it affordable to all. It offers close to all basic features and functions of our higher-end ionizers. If you want to avail of the benefits of alkaline water without investing much, it is the best choice to go for.

The 5 Electrode Plates of the Violet 5-plate comes with the superconductivity and durability to provide you with the best quality of alkaline water along with an extended of the Ionizer. These plates are japanese solid titanium plates and are nano plated with platinum. These plates are independently lab tested for 99.989% pure titanium. The exclusive design and the cutting-edge technology of these plates ensure the best negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) of these ionizers.

The Violet Ioniser consumes minimum power in evaluation to the alternative ionizers available inside the market without affecting its quality or performance on any scale, thus provides the user with the minimum operating cost. It is a unique technology of Chanson to have the lowest power consumption and maximum plate life. Otherwise, both of them are contrary as if you reduce the power of the Ionizer, it starts deteriorating the ionizer plates, because it generally takes place with all different branded ionizers that are available in the market. Any wattage above 180 watts dramatically reduces the ionizer plate' life due to overheat. Irrespective of its quality, technology, and coating methods. Thanks to over 40 years of research, development, and intensive hard work of Chanson's researchers, designers, and engineers who pop out with the PL-B502-Violet Ionizer to consume only150 watts of power on high alkaline and acidic levels, while still outperforming near all branded water ionizers available inside the market as on date.

The subsequent high-quality characteristic of the Violet Ionizer is to produce a wide range of alkaline ionized water at both the extreme ranges. Violet delivers both the highest and the lowest pH levels of water, depending upon the requirement. Whether you require water of pH 3.0 or 10.5, it delivers both. And, the best is there is no alteration in the output because of flow rate of the incoming water. Whether the incoming water is at a lower or higher flow, the output of chanson alkaline water ionizers continually remains the same. Otherwise, in other brand ionizers, the pH and ORP is always fluctuating.

The Chanson Violet water ionizer is fitted with a chemical-free four stage filter. One-micron silver-impregnated coconut shell carbon block filter is provided in the Chanson’s ionizers, which are not only chemical-free but also addressing many basic chemical contaminants like chlorine and chloramines and their numerous side effects. Our water filters are chemical-free and assure all dangerous and other ingredients to stay away from the ionized water delivered, protecting your family from every threat of contaminated water, whereas the other branded ionizers are not contaminant-free to provide you such versatile protection against germs, contaminants, and other pathogens. Our consultants, that’s why recommend a drinking water pre-filter for best results. For a typical water ionizer, the filter has to be replaced every 12 months with a pre-filtration system.

Do Water Ionizers Really Work?  

Yes! Water ionizers do work. Water ionizers raise the pH of your drinking water by using the method of electrolysis to separate the incoming water into acidic and alkaline. Alkaline water has great benefits and consumption of alkaline water results in a variety of health benefits.

Is ionized water really better for you?  

Ionized water is more beneficial for drinking as it has a higher amount of pH level than plain tap water. Alkaline water has essential salts and minerals that when added to the water, make it more basic and when it is used for drinking and cooking and provides users with several important health benefits. It is considered completely safe for drinking as it contains 100% natural minerals.

What are the benefits of a water ionizer?  

Water ionizer helps to increase the pH level in the water and as the result provides a large benefit for our body. It helps to get rid of mucus from the colon and acts as our immune support system. Alkaline water, in general, keeps us hydrated and benefits our skin health and detoxification on a large scale. Weight loss is also said to decrease with the help of alkaline water hence they provide a great benefit in your daily life.

Can I make my baby's formula with alkaline ionized water?

In the case of infants under one year old, the intestinal movement is generally different from adults since breast milk or milk is the only thing they consume. Therefore, the use of alkaline ionized water is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more sophisticated foods. In any case, alkaline water should not be used to make formula for infants. Use the purified water (pH 7) setting instead.

What about non-electric ionizers? Don't they work just as good as electric?

Ionization is obtained through the process of electrolysis, which requires an electric charge. That electric charge is similar to a “spark of life” and is what causes you to crave ionized water and will help you drink more of it. While non-electric “ionizers” can make changes to pH and ORP, you will not get the same health benefits from a non-electric as you will an electric. In fact, when magnified hundreds of times and studied under a microscope, non-electric water closely resembled acidic water, which is not recommended for drinking. Below is an illustration.

I saw ABC ionizer won an award on XYZ ionizer review website. Have your ionizers won any awards?

Some of our competitors have chosen to engage in a very deceptive marketing tactic in which they create fake ionizer review sites and give themselves awards to encourage you to buy their products. They may look unbiased at first glance but will always steer you towards their brand in the end. We at Chanson do not engage in this behavior, therefore we don't have any fake awards to boast about. There are no legitimate companies that offer awards for ionizers at this time.

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