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BF-007-Spa Shower filter

Product Description

Did you know, the Municipal water districts and other water sources add Chlorine or chloramines, the composition of Chlorine and ammonia, to water supplied at home for potable use to disinfect it. No doubt, the intentions are good, and the purpose of adding Chlorine is virtuous, but the by-products and the side-effects of adding Chlorine to water are deadly and harmful in more than one way. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that “Breathing small amounts of Chlorine for short periods adversely affects the human respiratory system. Effects range from coughing and chest pain to water retention in the lungs, Chlorine irritates the skin the eyes, and the respiratory system." Thus, daily exposure to Chlorine or chloramines are harmful to humans.

The Chanson Water Purifier Spa Shower is a big relief to this unavoidable effect of adding Chlorine to the water. It provides a long-lasting solution to the side-effects and the by-products of adding Chlorine to the water and its direct exposure to Chlorine or chloramines. A ten-minute shower otherwise results in absorbing the same amount of Chlorine as it happens in case of one's drinking 8 oz. glasses of the same treated water.

The Chanson Water Purifier Spa Shower Filter uses the Calcium Sulphate to drastically reduce the effect of chorine and chloramine added to the water. Using Calcium Sulphate to treat the water is way better than adding active carbon or KDF, which is typically used by other competitors due to it’s reduced price. The Chanson Spa Shower brings down the effect of adding Chlorine and chloramines to at least 95%. The Chanson water shower filter is the only shower filter that additionally softens and energizes the water besides addressing the harmful effects of adding Chlorine and chloramines.

A Few of the benefits of the Chanson Spa Shower Filter are -

- It makes your skin look healthier, younger, and radiant.

- It makes the hair softer and silkier to make them manageable and dressed quickly in different shapes and styles.

- It moistens and hydrates your skin to provide you relief from dry skin and scalp.

- It makes your soaps and shampoos lather easily to cleanse your hairs effectively and gently while adding to their grace and reducing the fading effect on color-treated hairs.

Other Important USPs and Features-

- It's safe and natural without any side effects.

- Its' 100% environmentally friendly.

- Connecting Chanson Spa Shower to any shower fixture is simpler and easier.

- It comes with a vast 15,000 to 20,000 liters of water filtering capacity, which generally last to 12-18 months, depending upon your water consumption.

- The Chanson Shower comes at a very reasonable price to be affordable by most people.

- Its maintenance cost is negligible in comparison to that of other such products.

- Its installation is simpler and easier to be installed by common users besides a convenient provision of changing its refill cartridge.

Chanson Shower Spa Features

The Chanson Shower Spa comes with unique features making it stand out of the cluttered market. Two of its excellent features are-

Swirling Anion Deflector - The innovative Swirling Anion Deflectors generates negative ions by swirling in the water to make them similar kind of water to the water that is close to the waterfalls. The water absorbs the negative electrostatic charge when the water molecules come in contact with the rocky environment, which are quickly absorbed by the human body. These absorbed negative ions result in cleansing blood, strengthening the immune system, improving sleep quality while reducing stress and body fatigue besides providing many other health benefits.

Ceramic FIR Ball Filtration - The Ceramic FIR Ball Filtration are specialized ceramic balls with FIR that are exclusively designed to reduce the water surface tension, which allows for increased lathering of soaps and shampoos. These Filters provide the water a lighter and softer feel to improve wetness besides making it coarse to make the dry hair soft and silky.


How is the Chanson Shower Filter installed?

Installing Chanson Shower Filter on your shower arm is simple. One can easily screw the filter inlet onto the existing shower arm by only hand tightening the screw. For tightening one doesn't require any special tools. It is recommended to use the Chanson Shower Filter with a low flow showerhead to prevent unnecessary water wastage from limiting it to 225 gallons per minute at 80 PSI.

How long does the Chanson Shower Filter last?

The Chanson Shower Filter typically is designed for filtering 15,000 to 20,000 litres, which lasts close to 12-18 months for a family of four depending upon the type of water they are receiving from the water supply or their water source. Replacing the shower filter media is as simple as unscrewing the side body cap to damp out the existing filter to be replaced with a new filter followed by screwing the body cap back. The shower filter body is built to last for a longer period subjected to its use and handling.


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