PL-A705-Miracle Max Plus Ionizer "Counter Top Models"

Product Description

Chanson Miracle Max plus makes your kitchen beautiful with its touch screen panel and fully automatic alkaline water ionizer machine. It provides you alkaline and acidic water simultaneously. Chanson alkaline machine have largest seven titanium plates with nano fritting patent technology platinum coating (Made in Japan) means it gives you accurate ionized alkaline water which can be use in many ways like drinking, washing of vegetables and also in cooking, It removes pesticides, colour and other impurities from vegetables also removes wax from fruits, rice and pulses. Our ionizer is the best in its class which gives also acidic water for anti-bacterial, sanitization and many skin problems as its also called beauty water (works as a toner on face).

Chanson never compromise in quality that’s why our ionizer tested at 18 stage quality test. We design our ionization machine fully automatic in convenient to use.

Miracle max plus multi touch sensor panel is user friendly and easy to operate even by kids also. Multi colour water proof operating panel displays all the function with colour, screen displays input water flow rate, negative ORP generated, PH value, filter life and many useful information and child lock as a security feature.

Alkaline ionized is very much recommended by the doctors, dentists, scientist and all the health conscious people, who wants a healthy longer life, it is the only ionizer doesn’t use bleach or any chemical leaves toxic material and other residues on the ionization plates, making it worse with every use and reduce the performance day by day.

And, above all, it is miraculous when it comes to your body, skin, and hair no matter what type of water comes to your premises, whether hard or soft. No need to worry, the quality of the acid water produced by the Miracle Max plus is amazing as it can produce such beauty water from any water source.

Miracle MAX Plus, you get the best quality of alkaline water to a healthy life. It’s our pride to mention that our super ionized alkaline water technology is the best in the world (USA Number1 Brand).

Few of the amazing features that outstand our Miracle Max Plus ionizer’s are-

1. Biggest Plates, and a smallest unit

2. It can produce the highest and lowest pH Levels.(2.5-11.5)

3. Auto Radial Action De-Calcification self-cleaning system (RAD patent technology) to increase the ionizer life.

4. Can run entire day without overheating or depending upon your water source flow.

5. Fully Waterproof Touch-Screen Display.

7. Advanced CPU with auto memory to save power can be run on single battery inverter.

Product Specification

DIMENSION: H 12"X W 9.75"X D 5.5"




PH LEVEL: 2.5 PH TO 11.5 PH Highest Ever

1.8 - 12.2 With Rock Salt Port

ORP LEVEL: +1000 T0 -850


FILTER: Advance 4 stage PJ 8000



Auto Shut-off Function: After 20 Minutes for saftey

CLEANING: Auto cleaning with auto deep cleaning

Notificaion: Display filter changing and all other features with voice

SCREEN: LCD Displys with various sensors and child lock for saftey

TECHNOLOGY: Patent Fritting Technology with Platinum baked coating and plates thickness is 0.5mm.

HYDROGEN: Upto 1200 ppb at high alkaline level.

Power Supply: SMPS technology.

Special Feature: It adjust the electrolysis amperage automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent

IONIZATION ORP: As the Plate surface size is Differnet so the ORP will be less in 3 Plates & More In 7 Plates, But PH will remain Same in all model.

Is Alkaline Water drastically cutting on medical and hospitalisation bills?  

Yes, the Alkaline Water is the elixir of the present world that can save one from thousands of incurable diseases that are bound to happen considering the type of the polluted world we live and the sedentary lifestyle we follow, as we are so much engrossed in making a living that we are left with no time to take care of ourselves and our families.
And what to talk about the hospital's bills and doctor's fees besides seeking medical leaves from offices and disturbing the entire family to take care and accompany one to clinics and hospitals when one gets sick or hospitalised.
Alkaline Water makes one heal and healthy naturally from inside out as it works at the cellular level and increases one’s immunity to not to get trapped and become a victim of these diseases and the climatic changes that generally wreak havoc and cost a fortune to one's pocket.

How Is Alkaline Water leading to Healthy India?  

The Alkaline Water has finally come in India to make it healthy, active and fit to remain young, energetic, lively and vibrant. Now, people have become literate and health-conscious. They have understood the simple mantra of living that the prevention is better than cure and are eager to switch over to the healthy mode of living rather than suffering and getting hospitalised. It has resulted in drastically improving the life expectancy of Indians over the years.
As per the National Health Profile 2019, released in October 2019, the life expectancy in India has increased to 68.7 years from 2012 to16 against 49.7 years from 1970-75.
Chanson Alkaline Water Ionisers have grown 27% over last year besides receiving a stupendous increase of 1700% in their inquiries for purchasing Ionisers to attend their training sessions to how to stay healthy, wealthy and fit by switching over to alkaline water.
What else could be better proof to prove that the Alkaline Water is leading to Healthy India.

Why from Models to beauty queens, all are rushing for Alkaline Water?  

With the growing awareness and better medical updates, people have off-late realised that the wisdom lies in staying fit and healthy than to spend a hell of money on medication and hospitalisation beside spoiling one’s beauty, charm, elegance and youth besides getting addicted to the drugs and medicines for entire life.
They are now adopting healthy life-styles and naturally staying robust, fit and healthy strategy to retain their youth and live longer. As the Alkaline Water keeps one naturally fit from inside out in addition to retaining youth and providing an amazingly glowing skin besides keeping them more energetic, vibrant and bubbling without getting addicted to drugs and medicines, it has inspired the models to beauty queens to such an extent that they all are rushing for Alkaline Water.
The Bollywood Queen, Raveena Tandon has instead decided to promote alkaline water to others too after experiencing the fabulous benefits of it.

How is Alkaline Water compensating for Non-Water drinkers?  

The Alkaline water has better hydrating properties besides being having high negative ORP to keep one stay hydrated for longer durations besides removing the free radicals from the body because of its antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties also help in flushing out stored toxins from the body in addition to repairing it at the cellular level.
Therefore, on the one hand, the alkaline water compensates the staying hydrated body requirements of non-water drinkers, and on the other hand, removes the toxicity from the body with minimum drunken water.

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