NF-370-Nano PLUS Mineral Water Filtration System

The new NF-370-Nano PLUS Mineral Water Filtration System

In Alkaline Water Ionizer Nano filtration provides great quality of filtration for drinking water at home leaving a good amount of the minerals that are naturally present in the water while addressing harmful substances and it has been redesigned to provide you not only with the same great filtration as our previous model but also it has been improved with all quick connect water connections for easier installation and the new twist lock technology for simpler service allowing just about anyone to replace the filters leaving little to no mess in the process.

There are hundreds of toxins and poisons in the water that standard water filters cannot address and until now health conscious people were left with only two choices: distillation and reverse osmosis (RO). RO is by far the most common choice of filtration out of the two but there are problems with the process and resulting water such as excessive waste of water and the fact that the water is completely free of minerals (that help keep the water with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH) causing the water to become acid. The Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer Nano Plus provides a solution to this filtration dilemma wasting much less water than the RO system in the process and allowing a good amount of the good to remain in the water (pH and mineral content left will depend on the initial pH and initial amount of minerals in the source water).

In Alkaline Ionizer machine Our Nano Plus Filtration System uses a pressure pump to force the water through a membrane that separates from the water anything larger than 0.0001 microns of size causing VOC’s, SOC’s, bacteria, viral contaminants and many other impurities to be removed from the water.

Some of the advantages of the Chanson Nano-Filtration System vs. Reverse Osmosis Systems are

- Alkaline water Ionizer Allows a good amount of health-essential minerals to remain in the water instead of removing them and rendering the water to become acidic.

- Alkaline water purifier provide low operating costs and requires less maintenance (Nano membranes can last up to two years between changes. Membrane lifetime will depend on water usage and quality of water source).

- Alkaline water purifier benefits low amount of waste water compared to standard OR systems - 1:1 vs. 1:5.

- Alkaline water purifier has Superior in taste because of mineral content.

- Alkaline water Ionizer machine Can be customized to fit your local water supply if there are any special needs.

These are some of the most important contaminants addressed by the Chanson Nano Plus

- Over 99% removed: Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Spores, Fungus, Crytosporidium, Giardia Lambia, Parasites.

- Over 90% removed: Barium, Bicarbonate, Bromine, Chloride, Chlorine, Chloramine, Chromium, Copper, Cyanide, Fluoride, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Silver, Turbidity and more.

- Over 85% removed: Aluminum, Cadmium, Carbon Tetrachloride, Lead, Nitrate, Organics, Pesticides, Radium, Silica, SOC’s, Sodium, Strontium, THM’s, TOC, and Uranium.

- VOC’s 75% and more.

- Over 50% removed: Arsenic, Benzene, Borate, Calcium, Selenium, Water Hardness/TDS and more.

- Custom Removal: The Chanson Nano alkaline water filter can be “made to order” to specifically address YOUR water issues, ask us to review your water report before purchase.

NOTE: Percentages are based on results using 90% Nano elements (Nano Filter NSF Test Results). Contaminants or other substances addressed by this water treatment device are not necessarily in your water. Using the standard 50% Nano elements will reduce some of these percentages.

The Chanson Nano Plus can be used alone or in conjunction with a water ionizer

The Nano Plus can be used on its own with an accessory faucet alkaline water filter to have great quality of filtered drinking water since it allows a good amount of minerals to remain in the water or it can be used as a pre-filter to supply cleaner water that has plenty of minerals for a water ionizer to produce great quality of alkaline or acid water (Mineral content in water determines its conductivity properties and it varies depending on the water source. In soft water areas the Nano might not leave enough minerals for water to be conductive enough and you might need to add a remineralizer). In Alkaline water ionizer machine the Nano Plus comes with a storage tank that is optional if it is used as a stand alone filter but it is a must when used with a water ionizer.

Mineral reduction capabilities

The Nano element in water ionizer machine will reject multivalent ions such as calcium and sulfate allowing the Nao system to work as a natural water softener for your drinking water without the use of chemicals or salt solutions. Many of the water sources in the US have hard water (hardness is mainly made up of calcium and magnesium) and the Nano system could be extra beneficial for anyone that needs to reduce the excess of minerals like calcium for medical reasons that they could be getting from the water.


Chanson Lifetime Warranty

All Chanson Water Filtration Systems are covered by a one year warranty. Warranty covers pump, electrical parts, filter housings, hoses and connections without any exclusion as long as the problem is not caused by any installation errors, misuse of the equipment leaks, excess of pressure (not recommended with water pressure above 60PSI), excess of sediments in the water source, or improper maintenance (not replacing filters on time which should be about every 12 months).

It is important when going on vacation or being away from home for a length of time that you shut off the water supply to the water filter or to the house if possible. When the installation is new make sure to monitor the site where the filter is installed to make sure that there are not small or slow leaks coming from the tubes or connections. It is also recommended to install a leak detector that will close the water supply to the filter in case of leaks. Chanson Water USA makes no guarantees as to the performance of this device.

Product Specifications

- Height: 13"

- Width: 16"

-Depth: 9"

- Weight: 22 lbs

- Operating Temperature: 40 ~ 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

- Input Power: 110 V

- Power Consumption: 33 watts max

- Water Pressure: 14 ~ 70 PSI (a pressure reducer is recommended if operating water pressure is higher. Recommended pressure no higher than 60 PSI)

- Flow Rate: 1 liter per minute (3/4 liter per minute with ionizer)

- Maximum Gallons per day: 250

Our PJ-7000 is a Catalytic Activated Carbon filter silver impregnated with twist lock technology for easier replacement.

The Chanson PJ-7000 Filter

- Addresses lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing.

- Absorbs 20 times more than regular activated carbon.

- Because of the high density surface area of the catalytic activated carbon it is very efficient at addressing contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, THMs, VOCs, molds, bleach, organics, parasites, taste and odor among others

- Its 1 micron silver-impregnated catalytic activated carbon provides protection against bacteria

Note: Remember to manually reset the filter count of your Chanson Water Ionizer after replacing the filter.

benefits of alkaline water

Isn't reverse osmosis the best water filtration process?

While reverse osmosis rids tap water of virtually all nasty toxins, contaminants and bacteria, making it as pure and crystal clear as can be, the problem with reverse osmosis (R/O) is that it works TOO well. In addition to removing all of the impurities, it also strips the water of all the valuable alkaline minerals your body needs to thrive. Essentially, R/O water is dead, lifeless, and never found in nature, and most bottled waters on the market today are made with R/O water. Due to the removal of alkaline minerals, R/O water has an acidic pH level instead of a neutral or alkaline pH which municipal tap water sources mandate. It also has a positive oxidation reduction potential (or +ORP) value, which means it is oxidizing to the body and creates cell-damaging free radicals. On the contrary, alkaline ionized water from a Chanson water ionizer takes the minerals that are present in your water and makes them more bio-available, has an alkaline pH and an energizing, free-radical fighting -ORP. Chanson ionizers duplicate what happens in nature when water runs over rocks through electrolysis, separating alkaline and acidic ions in the water, leaving healthy, mineral-rich drinking water closer to what nature intended. However, because the on-board filter(s) that all brands of water ionizers come with provide a level of filtration far inferior to R/O systems, we strongly recommend pairing a drinking water pre-filter with your water ionizer.

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