Alkaline water - Your Insurance to Good Health and Longer Life

Alkaline water is considered as Insurance to good health and longer life, naturally without leading to any side effects — it' the pH value of water which indicate whether it is alkaline or not. Here we are exploring the nitty-gritty of alkaline concept.

What is an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine transforms regular water into alkaline water with optimal pH level or desired pH as per requirement by the electrolysis process while separating incoming water into alkaline and acidic water.

How does an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine work?

The Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines are usually attached to the faucet. It's convenient and straightforward to install by any Ro technician without any fuss or trouble.

The Filtering mechanism is of a four-stage silver impregnated carbon filter that filters out impurities, pollutants, viruses, odour and other microbes from input water. Whereas the electrolysis process maintains the desire PH levels. The hydrogen ions and the minerals split apart during electrolysis process, and the water is produced by two different streams, one streaming alkaline water for drinking and the other steam oxidized water which can be used for bathing and cleaning.

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What are the Alkaline Water Benefits?

  • Powerful Antioxidants.
  • Balance the pH levels of the body
  • Promotes better hydration
  • Body detoxification
  • Boost the immune system
  • Helps in losing Weight
  • Helps in Fight against cancer
  • Prevents the development of Diabetes
  • Helps in Curing Psoriasis
Alkaline Water Benefits

Various Alkaline Water Machines Models

alkaline water machines

VS-A705-Miracle Max Royale Under Counter Ionizer

In alkaline water purifier in india now you can enjoy all of the great features of the M.A.X. but with an under counter ionizer that doesn't clutter your counter. In fact, all you will see above the sink is a beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and a touch sensitive computerized Smartphone panel.

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alkaline water ionizer machine

PL-A902-Revolution semi-commercial ionizer

In alkaline water purifier technology the Revolution can produce a 9.6 pH and -130 ORP on a 6.6lpm flow rate. Alkaline water Ionizer machine best performance of ANY ionizer we have ever tested, even 11 plate machines. As a comparison most 7 plates ionizers will produce similar.

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PL-A705-Miracle Max Ionizer

The M.A.X. Rocks. Literally! The M.A.X. is the first and only Himalayan rock salt injection system for an ionizer! Our Chanson waterTM ionizer machine Miracle M.A.X.™ ionizer will make both strong acid and alkaline water for anyone with ANY water source, and is powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and home use. The M.A.X. is the first ionizer ever to use mineral

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PL-B502-Violet Ionizer

The Chanson alkaline water ionizer machine Violet 5-plate countertop ionizer is our economical model. Experience all the alkaline water purifier benefits of owning a water ionizer without all of the bells and whistles and enjoy the reduced price point. The Violet offers many of the same basic features and functions of our higher end water ionizers, but because it has fewer ionization plates, the water flow rate is slightly reduced.

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Health Benefits

Alkaline water Ionizer is not just a water machine but really a lifestyle water product that people should have in their homes. Not only are there benefits to drinking more alkaline ionized water but there are also many great uses for the acid water that is created too.

Alkaline water India
Temporary Pain Relief
Alkaline water machine
Supports Overall Wellness
Alkaline water machine
Cooking & Food Preparation

Some interesting facts about Alkaline Water

Videos on this website are only for awareness. Chanson India does not claim its ownership

Why Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

Chanson alkaline water ionizers save a money by using less power than any other brand without skimping on performance

Alkaline water Ionizer make some of the highest and lowest pH levels of any water machine on the market at full flow without chemical alteration

Chanson alkaline water ionizers offers the longest lasting and most compact ionizers in the world - up to 60% smaller than the competition!

All water ionizers undergo a 29 point inspection by nine different inspectors before leaving the factory

Alkaline Water Ionizer Brand Comparison

Alkaline Water Ionizer
Chanson Miracle MAX Water Ionizer
  • Makes restructured alkaline, ionized water
  • ISO 9001 Certified Factory
  • Electrolytic Chamber has Seven Plates
  • Plates are manufactured in Kobe Japan
  • Platinum Plates are double dipped and baked
  • Chamber can be opened by service technician
  • pH down to 1.8 and up to 12.1 based on sources water. ORP from +1200 to -920.
  • Filter replacement Cost: Rs-4500.00
  • On-board filter is made of silver impregnated coconut shell carbon.
  • Uses only 5 amps of and 150 watts of power which prolongs the lifetime of the plates
  • Expected water flow 2.5 liters per minute, with endless runtime
  • Chanson is the manufacturer and the assembler of the Chanson WaterTM Ionizers.
  • Chanson WaterTM Taiwan has been in business for 30 years.
  • Larger than the Miracle, but still one of smallest ionizers on the market taking up just a little more space then the standard Miracle.
  • Plate size: Total surface area 364″sq. in- LARGEST
  • Miracle M.A.X can make strong acid water 100% of the time using natural Himalayan rock salt instead of chemicals
  • Chanson has promoted pre-filtration from day number one!
  • Chanson pre-filtration systems is three separate canisters for the ultimate in filtering out harmful chemicals and contaminants for under Rs-5000.00
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
water ionizer
Kangen Enegic Water Ionizer
  • Makes restructured alkaline, ionized water
  • ISO 9001 Certified Factory
  • Electrolytic Chamber has Seven Plates
  • Plates manufactured in Kobe Japan
  • Platinum Plates are dipped
  • Chamber can be opened by service technician
  • pH down to 2.5 and up to 11.5 based on source water. ORP from +1100 to -820.
  • Filter replacement Cost : Rs-8500.00
  • Sodium hypochlorite is used in the filter as Electrolytic enhancer for getting higher pH and ORP which is a bleaching agent cause Kidney Disease.
  • Uses 7 amps and over 300 watts which can adversely affect the plate's life expectancy
  • Expected water flow 4-6 liters per minute
  • Enagic is the manufacturer and assembler of kangen
  • Kangen®/ Enagic has been in india for about five years and have been doing business in India for about the same time
  • One of the largest ionizers takes up the most space of these three listed.
  • Plate size: Total Surface area 245″ sq. in
  • Can make strong acid water in 100% of homes in India using Sodium Hypochlorite otherwise known as bleach
  • Pre-filtration only has two canisters and is Rs-11500.00. Very limited filtration capabilities.
  • 5 Year Warranty.

What is the best alkaline water machine?  

Chanson Quality water provides the best alkaline water machine that facilitate different pH setting level of water, namely acidic, alkaline as well as neutral. The filtration system removes roughly 99.9% of harmful contaminants that is in your water and makes you savor the superior, great tasting water without any chemical additives whatsoever. In addition Chanson products always provide ease of use and installation.

Is drinking alkaline water harmful?  

Alkaline is not harmful for your health. Alkaline water help to improve metabolism, increase energy, slows aging and improves digestion. Though it is not harmful it does include few side effects like lowering the natural acidity that helps kill bacteria and expel other undesirable pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?  

Alkaline perform multiple function and help us in numerous ways. Take a look:

1. To Customers:

To offers them the best quality products with an innovative technology and outstanding after sale service that makes every customer to smile.

2. To Employees:

To provide friendly environment to everyone learn, explore and grow.

3. To Business Partners:

To enables them to consider wonder products and quality after sale service to be their first choice.

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