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Alkaline water - Your Insurance to Good Health and Longer Life

Alkaline Water which is produced by Alkaline Water Machine/purifier does not have any side effect

Alkaline Water Ionizer Brand Comparison

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Chanson Mircale Max Plus
(Active Hydrogen Boost Technology)

  • Makes Restructured Alkaline and Ionized Water without Any Chemical Use (100% natural water).
  • Electrolytic Chamber has Solid Seven Titanium Plates (99.99% pure) with Patent Dip and Baked Platinum Coating Technology.
  • Plates are manufacture by Kobe Steel Japan.
  • Platinum Plates are double dipped and triple baked makes strongest surface area.
  • Sealed Chamber can’t opened by anyone protects health standards (WQA).
  • PH down to 1.8 and up to 12.2 with Negative ORP up to -1700.
  • Miracle max plus-Active Hydrogen Boost Technology upto 1600 PPB (First time ever in the world)
  • 4 Alkaline Levels, 1 Purified level and 3 acidic levels.
  • Full Colored Display with automatic Deep Cleaning features to protect plates which increase machine life.
  • Filter Replacement Cost after 9000 Liters or 1 year whichever is earlier is Only Rs-4500.00
  • On-Board Four Stage Filter is made of Silver impregnated Coconut Shell Carbon, PP, Sediment and UF certified by WQA Standards (Water Quality Association).
  • Uses only 50-150 watts of power which prolongs the lifetime of plates.
  • Chanson is the manufacturer and the assembler of the Chanson WaterTM Ionizers.
  • Chanson WaterTM Taiwan has been in business for 41 years.
  • Largest Plates, but still one of smallest and lightest ionizers in the World 9.75 (W) X 12 (H) X 6.5 (D) Inches just 4.5 kilogram Weight.
  • Plate size: Total Surface Area 247” square inch - 6.3 X 2.75 Inches LARGEST EVER.
  • Miracle M.A.X Plus can make strong acid water (1.8 pH) and Strong Alkaline Water (12.2) 100% natural process.
  • No need of Pre-Filtration system.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Full Machine 5 Year Warranty)
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Kangen Enagic SD 501

  • Makes Restructured Alkaline and Ionized Water with the use of Sodium Hypochlorite which is also known as Bleaching powder
  • Electrolytic Chamber has Solid Seven Titanium Plates 99.97% pure) with only Platinum Dip Technology.
  • Plates manufacture (No one Knows)
  • Platinum Plates are Single dipped only.
  • Chamber can be opened by service technician.
  • PH levels down to 2.5 and up to 11.5 based on sodium hypochlorite only. Negative ORP up to -800.
  • Kangen-No Hydrogen
  • 3 Alkaline Levels, 1 Purified Level and 2 acidic levels.
  • Half color Display with no automatic Deep Cleaning Feature.
  • Filter replacement after 6000 Liters Cost : Rs-8500.00
  • Sodium hypochlorite is used in the filter also as Electrolytic enhancer for getting higher pH and ORP which is a bleaching agent cause Kidney Disease.
  • Uses 7 amps and over 300 watts which can adversely affect the plate's life expectancy.
  • Enagic is the manufacturer of kangen ionizers.
  • Enagic has been in India for about Seven years and have been doing business in India for about the same time
  • One of the largest and heavy ionizers takes up the most space 10.39 (W) X 13.30 (H) X 6.73 (D) Inches 6.3 Kilogram Weight.
  • Plate size: Total Surface area 219″ square inch – 5.31 X 2.95 Inches only.
  • Can only make strong acid and strong alkaline water using Sodium Hypochlorite also known as bleaching powder.
  • Require Pre-filtration due to limited filtration capability.
  • 5 Year Warranty only for Plates.

Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer Models

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VS A705 Miracle Max Royale Under Counter Ionizer

In alkaline water purifier in india now you can enjoy all of the great features of the M.A.X. but with an under counter ionizer that doesn't clutter your counter. In fact, all you will see above the sink is a beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and a touch sensitive computerized Smartphone panel.

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PL A902 Revolution Semi Commercial Ionizer

In alkaline water purifier technology the Revolution can produce up to 6.6 liters per minute. This is the best performance of any ionizer available in market.

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PL A705 Miracle Max Plus Ionizer

The M.A.X. Plus Rocks. Literally! The M.A.X. Plus is the first and only ionizer with Himalayan rock salt injection system ! Our Chanson waterTM ionizer machine Miracle M.A.X.™ Plus will make both strong acid and strong alkaline water with any water source, and is powerful enough to be used by professionals, doctors, celebrities, politicians ans also used in hospitals, dental clinics, spas, restaurants, food industries and of course in kitchen. The M.A.X. Plus is the first ionizer with fully automatic functions

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PL B502 Violet Ionizer

The Chanson alkaline water ionizer machine Violet 5-plate countertop is our economical model. Experience all the benefits of owning a water ionizer without compromise and enjoy the low price. The Violet offers many of the same features and functions of our higher end ionizers.

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What is Alkaline Water Purifier?

Alkaline water purifier offset the harmful acids present in your drinking water. They also enhance the pH level of the water, which makes your body healthy and fit. The most amazing fact of alkaline water purifier is that it diminishes the wastage of water during purification.

How does Alkaline Water Machine works?

The Alkaline Water machine is usually attached to the faucet. It's convenient and straightforward to install by any Ro technician without any trouble.

The Filtering mechanism are four-stage silver impregnated carbon filter that filters out impurities, pollutants, viruses, odour and other microbes from input water. Whereas the electrolysis process maintains the desire PH levels. The hydrogen ions and the minerals split apart during electrolysis process, and the water is produced by two different streams, one streaming alkaline water for drinking and the other steam oxidized water which can be used for bathing and cleaning.

What is Alkaline Water?

The alkalinity in the alkaline water indicates its pH level, which is a 0 to 14 scale. With 7 is neutral, 1 is considered as the most acidic while 13 as the most alkaline.

As the alkaline water carries a higher pH than the regular drinking water, it is often advised and suggested by the doctors, physicians, and other medical consultants besides nutritionists to consume it to neutralize the acidic content of our body.

The regular drinking water is neutral with a pH range of 7 against the alkaline water that typically has a pH of greater than 8. However, it is just not the pH to impart enough alkalinity to the water, but there are too many variables also, which would be difficult to discuss in detail, but for sure, we will be touching the tip of the iceberg for a quick takeaway.

The Alkaline water must have adequate alkaline minerals besides a substantial negative oxidation-reduction potential (-ORP). The ORP signifies the ability of water to acts as an antioxidant. The higher negative orp value is better antioxidation potential.

What are the Alkaline Water Benefits?

Health benefits of alkaline water ionizer

Alkaline water Ionizer is not just a machine but really a lifestyle product that people should have in their homes. Not only for drinking more alkaline ionized water but for the acid water that is also called beauty water.

Alkaline water India
Temporary Pain Relief
Alkaline water machine
Supports Overall Wellness
Alkaline water machine
Cooking & Food Preparation
Alkaline water India
Alkaline water machine
Detoxifying Effects
Alkaline water machine
Oral Hygiene

Some interesting facts about Alkaline Water

Videos on this website are only for awareness. Chanson India does not claim its ownership

About Centerpoint Lifestyle Products Private Limited

Centerpoint Lifestyle Products Private Limited an ISO 9001-2015 management system standard certified company and ISO 13485-2016 quality management system of medical devices certified company is world renowned official distributor of Chanson Water Company Limited. The most envious, unrivalled and established world leader in manufacturing quality best alkaline water ionizer machines, water purifiers and lifestyle products with highest World class international standards since 1979.

With 12 International Accolades, more than 50 National Awards, numerous laboratories test reports and approvals from various International certification bodies like (ISO 9001-2015, CE Certification, BBB-accredited business award, ROHS compliance certified, good product design award, WQA- Member of Water Quality Association certification) for quality and performance. Each Chanson products comes with 32 point quality check.

Why Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

Save Money

Chanson alkaline water ionizers save money by using less power than any other brand without compromising on performance.

100% Safe

Chanson Alkaline water ionizer makes naturally highest (11.5) and lowest (2.5) pH levels without adding any chemicals. 100% safe and natural water.

Easy Upgradation

Chanson alkaline water ionizers offers machine upgradation any time just by paying difference amount. First time ever now 3 Plates machine can be upgraded to 7 plates.

Quality Assure

All Chanson water ionizers undergo by 32 point quality inspection by 9 different inspection levels before leaving the factory.

Chanson - “Catch A Glimpse“

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FAQ - Alkaline Water Machine

What is the best alkaline water machine?  

Chanson Quality water provides the best alkaline water machine that facilitate different pH setting level of water, namely acidic, alkaline as well as neutral. The filtration system removes roughly 99.9% of harmful contaminants that is in your water and makes you savor the superior, great tasting water without any chemical additives whatsoever. In addition Chanson products always provide ease of use and installation.

Is drinking alkaline water harmful?  

Alkaline is not harmful for your health. Alkaline water help to improve metabolism, increase energy, slows aging and improves digestion. Though it is not harmful it does include few side effects like lowering the natural acidity that helps kill bacteria and expel other undesirable pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?  

Alkaline perform multiple function and help us in numerous ways. Take a look:

Can you become too alkaline?

It is a good question. We challenge you to become too alkaline. Even if you were to drink nothing but pH water at a pH level of 11 for months, you would not become too alkaline, unless you are also on a strict diet of RAW greens and vegetables and you never get stressed or angry. The federal guidelines for tap water is that tap water be alkaline. That is right tap water must be over 7 pH. It is very easy to see how pH your internal body is, just go to your local drug or health food store and buy some urine pH test strips and test your first urine of the morning. If you are under 7 you are acid no matter how much water you drink, and if you are over 7 you are alkaline. If you are at an 8 then you would be TOO pH. But we have never seen or heard of anyone hitting a pH of 8. There is a disease called "alkalosis" where the body is over alkaline and less than 2% of the population is susceptible to this disease. If you do not eat well, do not drink ionized water, and do not exercise, yet your urine pH is an 8 then you fall in that 2%. Keep in mind, 80% of the benefits of ionized water is not the pH, it is the ORP or antioxidant power. Hundreds of thousands of users have been drinking nothing but ionized alkaline water for many years, including Chanson co-founders Ronnie Ruiz and Nedalee Thomas (over eight years), and Chanson Taiwan president Mr. Liao for more than 30 years. Soda, beer, coffee and juice (as well as almost all of the foods we eat) can have PH levels of 5 or lower. Alarmingly, one cup of coffee needs 20 glasses of ionized water to neutralize the acid consumed. Getting frustrated or angry also floods the body with acids, therefore it is not easy to take such an acidic environment and become over alkaline. You asked for studies, but who will pay for this study? Certainly no drug company will. Alternative products rarely have studies to back them up, but in our case we have hundreds of studies specifically on ionized water and many of them can be seen in our "articles" section. Ionized water has some critics out there but none are calling it dangerous, they only question its potentials. One thing we do have is 30 years of clinical use in both Japan and Korea including hundreds of hospitals who administer the water, with zero lawsuits filed or claims of sickness or damage in any way. The same is true in the USA, although Americans have not been enjoying Chanson ionized water for as long. One thing we can say for sure is that Chanson ionized water is safe and three decades in Japan and Korea have proved that, while Russians have safely been consuming ionized water for eight decades. We personally have a few thousand customers (most of which drink only the ionized water), and we have yet to receive any complaint regarding health for any reason. Drink with Confidence.

Won't my stomach acid render alkaline water consumption useless?

No. There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body, and the stomach wall makes sodium bicarbonate to alkalize our food not digest our food. HCL is only produced when we eat or drink acid-forming foods and drinks and is balanced in equal proportion by sodium bicarbonate production. When we consume alkaline forming foods and drink alkaline ionized water, the body does not need the sodium bicarbonate production and thus the HCL production is not required either!

Can't I make my own alkaline water with lemon juice, baking soda or pH drops?

Yes, technically the pH level of water can be modified slightly by adding certain substances, however they will not necessarily reach the optimal pH level of 9.5. More importantly, alkalizing the water without the use of a water ionizer will not reduce the ORP, so the water will still be oxidizing to the body and create free radicals which destroy cells. Ionization is also the only way to micro-cluster the water, which allows it to hydrate up to six times better than non-ionized water, and detoxify cells more thoroughly.

Can you drink alkaline water every day?

There is no harm is drinking alkaline water and for every day could be a little complicated to answer. You can drink alkaline water every day but in a limit and it should not exceed more than 12-14 glasses every day.

Is alkaline water good for you?

Alkaline water is good for our health, it helps in neutralizing the pH level in the water. It keeps us health and glowing and keeps us hydrated every day. It brings good glow on our face and help to benefit our skin.

How do you make alkaline water at home?

You can DIY alkaline water but instead buy an effective alkaline water machine that will give you great alkaline water to drink everyday with great taste and health benefits.

How much does an alkaline water machine cost?

Alkaline Water Machine has several price points. The variation in prices is mainly due to the sort of machines that are categorized into three major types. The first type is the alkaline water ionizers that filter the water and alters the pH level utilizing an EMF (electromagnetic field). The second type is those that use reverse osmosis techniques. This sort of machine is very much different as they run water through several filters with which one having its unique purpose and function. The third type is the cheapest in the market as it makes use of alkaline water filter pitchers.

Which is the best alkaline water purifier?

Chanson's alkaline water machine is better as it converts the regular water into alkaline water to provide an ideal pH level through electrolysis, which divides the incoming water into alkaline water and acidic water.

What is alkaline in water purifier?

In alkaline water, the "alkaline" refers to its pH level. The pH level is the value which defines how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a 0 to 14 scale. The alkaline water purifier neutralizes the water's acid content which renders it alkaline to drink. It raises water pH levels and are beneficial for the human body.

Which water is best RO water or alkaline water?

RO eliminates many of the minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium from the water that are beneficial for the human body. In contrast, Alkaline water raises the pH level of the drinking water & allows the water more acidic in nature so that it can provide other health benefits.