Water Ionizer FAQ's

Chanson Quality water provides the best alkaline water machine that facilitate different pH setting level of water, namely acidic, alkaline as well as neutral. The filtration system removes roughly 99.9% of harmful contaminants that is in your water and makes you savor the superior, great tasting water without any chemical additives whatsoever. In addition Chanson products always provide ease of use and installation.dfgdf
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Alkaline is not harmful for your health. Alkaline water help to improve metabolism, increase energy, slows aging and improves digestion. Though it is not harmful it does include few side effects like lowering the natural acidity that helps kill bacteria and expel other undesirable pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

Alkaline perform multiple function and help us in numerous ways. Take a look:

  • Alkalize water to reduce acidity
  • Detoxify by mucus build in the colon walls
  • Hydrate excessively due to small water cluster size
  • Rich with minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium
  • Manage Weight control
  • Add antioxidant to neutralize free radicals
  • Increase dissolved oxygen in the blood
  • Flush out acidic water
  • Energize by negatively charged hydroxyl ions
  • Clean water by pre-filtration cartridge
  • Removes harmful pesticides off fruits and veggies

It is a good question. We challenge you to become too alkaline. Even if you were to drink nothing but pH water at a pH level of 11 for months, you would not become too alkaline, unless you are also on a strict diet of RAW greens and vegetables and you never get stressed or angry. The federal guidelines for tap water is that tap water be alkaline. That is right tap water must be over 7 pH. It is very easy to see how pH your internal body is, just go to your local drug or health food store and buy some urine pH test strips and test your first urine of the morning. If you are under 7 you are acid no matter how much water you drink, and if you are over 7 you are alkaline. If you are at an 8 then you would be TOO pH. But we have never seen or heard of anyone hitting a pH of 8. There is a disease called "alkalosis" where the body is over alkaline and less than 2% of the population is susceptible to this disease. If you do not eat well, do not drink ionized water, and do not exercise, yet your urine pH is an 8 then you fall in that 2%. Keep in mind, 80% of the benefits of ionized water is not the pH, it is the ORP or antioxidant power. Hundreds of thousands of users have been drinking nothing but ionized alkaline water for many years, including Chanson co-founders Ronnie Ruiz and Nedalee Thomas (over eight years), and Chanson Taiwan president Mr. Liao for more than 30 years. Soda, beer, coffee and juice (as well as almost all of the foods we eat) can have PH levels of 5 or lower. Alarmingly, one cup of coffee needs 20 glasses of ionized water to neutralize the acid consumed. Getting frustrated or angry also floods the body with acids, therefore it is not easy to take such an acidic environment and become over alkaline. You asked for studies, but who will pay for this study? Certainly no drug company will. Alternative products rarely have studies to back them up, but in our case we have hundreds of studies specifically on ionized water and many of them can be seen in our "articles" section. Ionized water has some critics out there but none are calling it dangerous, they only question its potentials. One thing we do have is 30 years of clinical use in both Japan and Korea including hundreds of hospitals who administer the water, with zero lawsuits filed or claims of sickness or damage in any way. The same is true in the USA, although Americans have not been enjoying Chanson ionized water for as long. One thing we can say for sure is that Chanson ionized water is safe and three decades in Japan and Korea have proved that, while Russians have safely been consuming ionized water for eight decades. We personally have a few thousand customers (most of which drink only the ionized water), and we have yet to receive any complaint regarding health for any reason. Drink with Confidence.

No. There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body, and the stomach wall makes sodium bicarbonate to alkalize our food not digest our food. HCL is only produced when we eat or drink acid-forming foods and drinks and is balanced in equal proportion by sodium bicarbonate production. When we consume alkaline forming foods and drink alkaline ionized water, the body does not need the sodium bicarbonate production and thus the HCL production is not required either!

Pinpoint Meter FAQ's

Maintenance Kits Guarantees you -

1) Life-long service

2) Better and Faster readings

3) Error-Free results

PINPOINT ORP Maintenance Kit includes

- Storage fluid

- Calibration Fluid Pouches: 4 nos.

- Cleaning/Polishing Strips: 2 Nos.

- The Calibration Fluid is used for occasional verification of the meter/probe accuracy and fitness for working conditions.

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