Uses & Benefits of Alkaline & Acidic Ionized Waters

In addition to the wonderful health benefits of drinking Chanson ionized alkaline water, ionized water has many other beneficial uses. Imagine being able to eliminate 50% of your household cleaning products, skin and hair care products, pet care products, dental care products, laundry detergents and more with the purchase of one machine! The ongoing savings of these products along with all the money saved on bottled water make the purchase of a Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer economical and eco-friendly. Here are some of the many uses by pH:

Strong alkaline water ( pH 10 and above ) ?

Grease & Stains

An Alkaline water Ionizer is not just a water machine but really a lifestyle water product that people should have in their homes. Not only are there benefits to drinking more alkaline ionized water but there are also many great uses for the acid water that is created too

Temporary Pain Relief

For an all-natural topical remedy that provides temporary pain relief, try soaking a rag in highly alkaline ionized water and applying it directly to the pain site. The ionized alkaline water works to neutralize inflammation in the muscle and reduce oxidation which is a byproduct of inflammation. With this method, you may find temporary pain relief of headaches, back aches, sprains and arthritic aches and pains.


Supports Overall Wellness

Ionized alkaline water is smoother and lighter due to its micro clustered structure, which allows you to drink your daily limit without feeling bloated or waterlogged. Being fully hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body, as water is necessary for all basic functions, and we naturally lose about two liters a day. Many common ailments like lack of energy, headaches and hunger pangs are actually signs of dehydration, so drink up for better health. We recommend consuming a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of 9.5 pH ionized alkaline water daily.

Detoxifying Effects

Ionized alkaline water also aids in the detoxification process as its smaller cluster size is able to penetrate our cells deeper than conventional water. Even those on a raw food vegan diet living in rural areas experience toxins on a daily basis and can benefit from the detoxifying effects of Chanson ionized alkaline water.

Hangover Cure

In Japan, ionized alkaline water is also known as a hangover cure due to its superior hydration properties. You can also reduce your risk of getting a hangover by drinking a glass of ionized alkaline water in between each glass of alcohol, diluting your wine or liquor with ionized alkaline water or using ice cubes made with ionized alkaline water to offset the acidity. We also recommend drinking a glass or two of ionized alkaline water before bed after a night of drinking and upon rising the next morning, since alcohol is so dehydrating.

Antioxidant Properties

Ionized alkaline water has an antioxidant-like effect due to its negative ionic charge and can therefore effectively scavenge for free radicals which seek to destroy our cells. In addition to the free radicals our bodies fight on a daily basis after being subjected to acidic food and drinks, pollution, negativity, extreme workouts, etc. our bodies generate free radicals themselves! Free radicals speed up the aging process so neutralizing them may slow the aging process and appearance of saggy skin, lines and wrinkles.


Cooking & Food Preparation

Ionized alkaline water naturally enhances the flavors of food, so you won’t need to use as much butter and seasonings. Try soaking your meat or fish in ionized alkaline water before cooking to tenderize and kill bacteria. It makes rice fluffier and soups and stews tastier. It also boils water faster, cutting cooking time by about 25%.

Beverage Preparation

You only need half the amount of tea leaves and coffee beans to prepare those popular beverages when brewing with Chanson ionized alkaline water. Not only that but the ionization pulls the flavor out so effectively that you don't even need to heat the water to brew tea! Coffees and teas will taste richer also. Try mixing with alcohol or your favorite juice to offset their natural acidity. You can even make ice cubes with ionized alkaline water which may help prevent hangovers when added to alcoholic drinks.



Those new to drinking ionized alkaline water should start at this level for the first few weeks of consumption and then slowly increase to a 9.5 pH. This is due to the fact that most people starting out will be highly acidic and will experience detoxifying effects that will be easier to handle and less of a shock to the body if you start out at a lower level.

Plants & Flowers

While most growing plants and flowers crave Chanson ionized acid water since they “breathe out” oxygen and “breathe in” carbon dioxide, cut flowers benefit from ionized alkaline water the same way we do! The life of cut flowers may be extended and in some cases somewhat revived when ionized alkaline water is used on them.


This is also the recommended drinking level for pets, who may experience health benefits from drinking ionized alkaline water.


Unfiltered tap water should never be used to wash produce as the chlorine used to treat the water is easily absorbed into fruits and vegetables. We recommend a ten minute soak in 8-8.5 pH ionized alkaline water, as anything stronger than that will decrease the ORP level of the produce to be lower than that which is found in nature. The flavor and shelf life of your produce will also improve

Neutral water (pH 7.0)

When Alkaline Water is Not Recommended

Water with a pH of 7.0 is considered neutral (neither acid nor alkaline) and is safe for making infant formula, taking with medication and during meals. It is recommended that children only drink this level until they are between 3-5 years of age as children are naturally more alkaline.It is also recommended that you do not drink ionized alkaline water with medications, as the micro clustered molecules may cause time-release tablets to be released into your system quicker than desired. And finally, if you are drinking more than four ounces of water with meals, it is recommended that you drink 7.0 pH filtered water instead of ionized alkaline water so as not to interfere with the stomach acid needed to break down your food. You should also drink filtered instead of ionized alkaline water one hour before and after meals for the same reason.

Acidic water (pH 5.0-5.5)

Skin Care

By keeping the pH of your skin at its natural slightly acidic level of 5.5, it controls the growth of acne-causing bacteria and helps slow signs of aging like lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. Chanson ionized acidic water acts as an all-natural toner, aftershave and makeup remover and can replace many expensive skin care and anti-acne products in your home. Add some to a small spray bottle to keep in your medicine cabinet. The acidic water should hold its strength for about three months. You may notice firmer skin, fewer lines, and reduced appearance of pores. Also effective against insect bites, burns, poison ivy, and other rashes.

Hair Care

Most shampoos on the market have a much higher pH levels than your scalps natural level, not to mention sulfates and other chemicals which can cause dandruff, imbalance, and decrease your natural shine. Try using Chanson ionized acidic water instead of shampoo or as a final rinse on your hair after each shower to balance its pH level.


The right acidic setting of water can also improve seeding and germination, and can be used instead of industrial pesticides in farms. The ideal pH needed for different plants, vegetables and trees may vary so be sure to research beforehand.


Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant

Chanson strong acidic water is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to toxic household cleaners like Lysol and Windex. Chanson ionized acidic water has been 3rd party lab tested and verified to be able to make strong acid water that can disinfect E coli and staph on contact in 70% of all water sources. It works on tiles, countertops, and glass and is an effective sanitizer for your kitchen utensils, countertops, knives, and cutting boards.

Oral Hygiene

Strong Chanson ionized acidic water is an effective disinfectant for your toothbrush, and can replace your costly alcohol-based mouthwash. If you have any minor mouth issues like gum inflammation, cold sores, or a sore throat, trying rinsing with it until symptoms subside. Cats and dogs can also benefit from having their mouths scrubbed with a toothbrush soaked in acidic water.

External Healing

Use strong pH Chanson ionized acidic water on burns, cuts, and scrapes to speed up the healing process. Also effective against athlete's foot, ingrown nails and hairs, acne, minor open wounds, eye and ear infections, dry cracked skin or skin ulcers, and eczema.


Try washing your pet with strong Chanson ionized acidic water to reduce pet skin and fur odors and improve the shininess of their coat. You can also spray carpets and fabrics to eliminate pet odors, remove pet stains and sanitize the area

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