Pinpoint ORP Meter

American Marine Pinpoint Orp Meter

  • Pinpoint® ORP Meter measures the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential/REDOX) of your Alkaline Water Ionizer system.
  • In case your Water Ionizer requires ozone gas or is dependent upon potassium permanganate as an artificial oxidation agent for fresh or salty water, then a PINPOINT ORP Monitor is a must without fail.
  • It’s essential to monitor your system regularly to keep it remain healthy as even a slight dip in the ORP becomes a welcome sign for forthcoming troubles, which become evident over a while.
  • The Pinpoint Meter has a platinum sensor electrode to provide 1mV digital resolution with a full-scale reading of (-2000 to +2,000 mV) It's designed for a lifetime with proper use and care.
pinpoint ph monitor

American Marine Pinpoint Ph Meter Overview

PINPOINT pH Probe has exciting features such as -

  • A suppression cable of 10 ft and a BNC connector
  • Range: -2,000 to +2,000 mV
  • Additional Calibration fluid
  • To be powered by a 9volt Battery (Not Included)
  • AC Adapter kit (Optional)
  • Extension Cable: 15 ft (Optional)
  • Replacement ORP Probe
  • ORP Maintenance Kit for Kangen/Alkaline Water
  • User Guide-For More Details
Pinpoint High-Precision 400mV


PINPOINT® ORP Maintenance Kits are a must to let your Water Quality Meters keep working for years – correctly, accurately, and efficiently without fail.

Maintenance Kits Guarantees you -

  • Life-long service
  • Better and Faster readings
  • Error-Free results
American Marine PINPOINT pH Monitor

Pinpoint® High-Precision pH Calibration Fluids

PINPOINT High-Precision pH Calibration Fluids are available in envelope packets for natural portability and are precisely accurate. Each pack has 25mL of fluid that is more than sufficient for calibration. However, smaller packets and larger packets are available.

The PINPOINT pH Monitor and PINPOINT pH Controller are supplied with free samples of pH Calibration Fluids. All the electronic pH instruments are manufactured to be calibrated monthly.




American Marine Pinpoint Meter

Maintenance Kits Guarantees you -

1) Life-long service

2) Better and Faster readings

3) Error-Free results

PINPOINT ORP Maintenance Kit includes

- Storage fluid

- Calibration Fluid Pouches: 4 nos.

- Cleaning/Polishing Strips: 2 Nos.

- The Calibration Fluid is used for occasional verification of the meter/probe accuracy and fitness for working conditions.

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