27 Feb 2023
Quality Water Softeners For Homes

 Water is essential and the use of water softeners in homes has impacted our lives in many ways. These are the highly recommended machines used for homes as well as offices as They help keep the hardness levels within the range. The water we use naturally contains minerals like calcium and magnesium and the category in which our water comes depends upon the amount of these minerals present in the water. By definition, Soft water contains lower levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals than hard water. 

There are many implications of using hard water as it contains a very high degree of Magnesium and Calcium. The presence of these chemicals in the water which we use for washing clothes, bathing, washing utensils, or any other work causes our appliances to wear out, dryness of skin, and decolor of fabrics. It erodes and decays their life by 50%. Also makes our clothes turn paler and thinner which ultimately reduces the life of clothes. The usage of hard water for personal use such as bathing can severely affect our skin & hair. 

In today's era of innovation and technology, there are many high-quality water softeners one can choose from. The water softeners for home are designed to resolve the hardness of water-related issues and bring the water within recommended hardness limits of 300mg/l max. 

The quality of soft water is very premium and one can feel the velvety touch of soft water, every time used for bathing or washing.

Chanson quality water softener filter uses ceramic ball technology that uses Far infrared rays (FIR) and makes the home water a fit for usage. Modern water softeners come with LCD Screen that displays vital information and one can easily access the condition of the water softener filter. It is really important to choose water softeners with an aesthetic appeal. The new-age softener machines are sleek and trendy, making them the best hard water softener for homes. 

Get the best quality water softener for homes and safeguard your health and appliances.

14 Feb 2023
Get Your Personal Hydrogen Water Machine

Water is synonymous with life as without it, one cannot imagine sustaining life. In today's era of increased stress and decreased immunity, you definitely need something extra apart from just good and nutritious food; hydrogen water!

Yes, it is normal water infused with increased hydrogen gas in it so that it becomes more healthy and tastier. One would think of the price before buying a hydrogen water bottle but imagine if you get hydrogen water from your own generator. You can buy a high-quality hydrogen water machine and get the best quality Hydrogen water. 

What exactly is Hydrogen water? Hydrogen water is simply the regular water you use with extra added hydrogen molecules and could act as a powerful antioxidant thus helping in the neutralization of free radicals. The branded and standard hydrogen water machines use the Solid Poly Electrolytic technology (SPE) or Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) techniques for generating pure and safe hydrogen-rich water without any residue of chlorine or ozone in your drinking water. 

Benefits of hydrogen water:

There are immense benefits of hydrogen water as it is believed to keep you free from frequent infections and give you a more energetic life.

            Hydrogen water reduces inflammation and works as an anti-ageing agent.

  1. Hydrogen water can reduce oxidative stress and improve immune functions.
  2. Hydrogen water increases anti-oxidant oxidants in your body and Modulates immune regulation and thus controls circadian rhythm.
  3. Regular intake of hydrogen water can reduce oxidative stress hence the risk of cardiovascular complications. the risk of heart disease
  4. It reduces cholesterol in those with metabolic syndrome

 One can buy the latest chanson quality water hydrogen water machine that generates pure hydrogen-rich water. The PEM technology used by Chanson quality water is modern and in this process, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen gas via an electrolysis process. This hydrogen gas molecule that break-down is supposed to infuse into the water thus creating antioxidant-rich water. The hydrogen water machine also helps to expel byproducts such as Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Chlorine.

27 Jan 2023
Enjoy The Immense Hydrogen Water Benefits

After the second wave of COVID-19, there was an extensive search for food items and drinks which can enhance immunity and keep us ready to fight against any virus. People were brewing many medicinal things and plants to make concoctions but it tasted bitter and most of us unfollowed the process after one or two trials. There is one alternative to this concoction and it is hydrogen water. You must have seen many celebrities and fitness enthusiasts tell about the hydrogen water benefits for a healthy life and enhanced longevity. 

The very first thing that comes to everyone's mind is why we need hydrogen water when the water itself is composed of molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. The answer lies in the simple molecular arrangement of water. Plain water contains hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a bond hence there is no free ion or radical to react with our body cells and infuse the benefits whereas hydrogen water has an antioxidant effect that creates more energy and cellular activity in the body cells. 

There are scientific papers claiming the benefits of hydrogen water and exhibiting its properties to reduce oxidative stress hence minimizing the chances of cardiovascular complications in young as well as middle-aged people. Mainly sports people or people engaged in rigorous activities take energy drinks which provide them with instant glucose but the drawback of daily consumption of these drinks lies in the sugar additives as these excess sugar content can cause harm over the long run. On the other hand, hydrogen water is highly antioxidizing water with a negative ORP (oxidative reduction potential) value for long-term health benefits. 

Benefits of Hydration water:

  1. It provides better Hydration 
  1. It boosts the energy levels of our body 
  1. It improves the Immunity 
  1. It is rich in Antioxidants 

Hydrogen water of premium quality can be obtained by hydrogen water generators. These are machines that add additional hydrogen to plain drinking water hence making it highly suitable and beneficial for our health. Chanson quality water ionizers generate high-quality hydrogen-rich water which increases energy, reduces inflammation, and reduces recovery times after workouts. Hydrogen-rich water can improve the quality of life in patients fighting chronic diseases. Hydrogen water is generally made by the electrolysis process, in which there occurs a decomposition of the water molecule into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas thus increasing the hydrogen content in water.


Chanson Quality Water
10 Jan 2023
Witness The Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water In Every Sip

In recent times, we all have read many articles relating to the role of water in good health and specifically the buzz around alkaline water. Even on social media, we have seen many celebrities endorsing the new entry; alkaline water. But the general public has very less knowledge about this miraculous water. Let's understand alkaline water. This is simply any water with an increased pH value or a decreased amount of hydrogen ion concentration in water in comparison to hydroxyl OH- ion. In definition, pH is in inverse proportion to hydrogen ion concentration. Alkaline water is made basic in nature by increasing or adding the concentration of minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. 

These minerals have an important role in the body apart from making the water alkaline as they are attached to negatively charged anions such as carbonate, hydrogen carbonate, and ascorbate. This property increases the pH of water turning it into alkaline water. The consumption of alkaline water is said to increase the hydration of the human body. In a scientific experiment, it was observed that the consumption of high-alkaline water with a pH concentration of 8.8 can significantly reduce and

restore high blood viscosity. Blood viscosity is an important hydration and rehydration marker. Intake of alkaline water shows a positive effect on the pH of urine as more acidic urine may be an idicator of reduced hydration in the body. 

The consumption of alkaline water is a valuable nutritional vector that influences both acid-base balance and hydration status in active and average healthy adults. Alkaline water is supposed to benefit bone health, reduce muscle wasting, and help in reducing the chances of chronic factors like hypertension and stroke. One major issue rectified by the intake of alkaline water is Acid Reflux Disease. It is simply caused by the flowing back of stomach acid into the esophagus. Many scientific studies show that alkaline water irreversibly inactivates and denatures human pepsin which is an enzyme that is responsible for the mechanism of reflux. 

Alkaline water and an alkaline diet, both are reported to reduce bone resorption and increase bone density. Many scientific papers claim that regular intake of alkaline water for years can slow down the process of ageing as it contains anti-oxidants. This happens because of ORP (Oxidation reduction potential). A negative ORP indicates that the water is antioxidant and Antioxidants prevent the formation of harmful chemicals known as "free radicals" in our bodies. Free radicals can accelerate ageing, and cause wrinkled skin and other disorders like cataracts, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Drink alkaline water and be a healthy individual thus increasing the equality of life. 

30 Dec 2022
Healthy Kangen Water

Some years back I came across the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, who was a pioneer in the study of water. In his work on water, he demonstrated that water is shaped by environment, thoughts and emotions. I was amazed to see the scientific evidence as put by the famous pseudo-scientist and the author of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. We all would acknowledge the importance of water in our lives and how it has immense benefits for our health apart from being important in our daily lives. Like every new invention, we have seen in the recent past that water has also re-invented itself in form of healthy kangen water.

 Kangen is a Japanese word that means "Return to origin". Once you take Kangen water, you are meant to return to your original way of being, hence living a more peaceful and natural life. Kangen water is the modified and treated water that contains the original flavour and purity as it needs to be. Kangen water is basically water in its purest form. Healthy kangen water is delightful and it gives a velvety and soft feel while drinking. A feeling of fulfilment is obvious after taking kangen water. The benefits of kangen water include better hydration, increased energy and focus, acid reflux neutralization, weight loss, a strong immune system and the ability to protect against many chronic ailments. Regular drinking water is converted to healthy kangen water by using Kangen water machines which gives us safe, healthy and hydrogen-rich water.

 It is a well-accepted fact that high acidity is not good for our bodies as it has been linked to bone density loss, acid reflux, ailments, hair loss etc. Healthy kangen water, which is an extended and improved version of Alkaline water, is supposed to improve digestion, expel toxins, reduce hair fall, and improve immunity and overall health. Many scientific papers put forward that an alkaline state is ideal because chronic diseases like cancer and harmful bacteria can thrive in acidic environments so it is advisable to give an alkaline environment by increasing the intake of healthy kangen water. Dr Masaru Emoto has actually revolutionised the idea of our thoughts impacting water and how water itself is an essential element of nature and the essence of our emotional lives. Drink healthy kangen water and feel the essence of what dr. Emoto actually meant.


Chanson Quality Water
19 Dec 2022
Healthy Water Is Paramount To Good Health

Water is basic and this holds true in every sense. Everything we think about is made of water and is the life source of everything. But this basic thing when taken carelessly can cause major health issues in both humans and animals. Hydration is highly recommended to keep oneself rejuvenated and lack of it can cause many symptoms like headache, fatigue, dizziness, and heatstroke. Healthy water is paramount to good health and can increase your longevity. 

We need to be specific about choosing our water and its quality.  Good quality alkaline water is an important safeguard offered to your health. This type of water gained popularity in recent years and studies reveal its numerous health benefits. Normal water satisfies your thirst quench but when it comes to overall well-being, we need alkalized water with added nutrients and hydrogen so that we get a healthy and ailment-free life. Normal water helps us to regulate our body temperature and keep the vital live processes running. The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream thus giving the energy to the body for proper functioning.  Water also assists in flushing unwanted body waste through urination and also acts as a shock absorber for sensitive organs like the brain, spinal cord, etc. It also lubricates joints and makes the body agile. 

Alkaline water offers more added benefits than normal drinking water. Here are some: 

  1. No acid reflux issue: 

Alkaline water has added antioxidants that oppose reactive oxygen species(ROS) in your body responsible for the illness. Alkaline water helps relieve general acidity experienced by a larger number of people regularly. One can get relief from gastrointestinal diseases also. 

2. Lifetsyle diseases are eased down with alkaline water. 

Problems like diabetes and hypertension can cause severe health issues if unmonitored. These problems get flared up due to a sedentary lifestyle. Using alkaline water will alleviate the issue and help you in being free from frequent doctor visits. 

3. Enhances Immune Response 

Covid 19 wreaked havoc on all of us but people with poor immunity suffered a lot. In today’s world of increased viral infections, we need to boost our immunity multifold so that our immune system can fight the infection easily. The person having good and enhanced immunity is healthy and safe. Fruits and vegetables are antioxidant-rich but intake of a Chanson quality water sufficient quantity of alkalized water can raise your immunity levels in the body. 

Healthy water can pave a way for good health which can give overall wellness, and lower the risk of ailments in your body.  Best quality Chanson ionizer gives premium quality alkalized water. 

Chanson Quality Water
25 Nov 2022
Goodbye To Extra Weight With Alkaline Water

How do I look? Do I look overweight? How to get a perfect figure? People are just obsessed with these kinds of questions. They may not be concerned about good health and longevity but yes, they have an on-the-top obsession with their physical appearance and how others appraise their personality on various social media platforms. Whatever the reason may be, shedding those extra kilos is always appreciable as obesity is catastrophic and can lead to many chronic ailments. Now, one can say goodbye to extra weight with alkaline water. You can get slim and fit too in just a sip of alkaline water.

 Let's find out the secret behind alkaline water in helping you to maintain your weight.

Drinking alkaline water neutralizes the acidity hence the stored fat that was caused by processed food like sugary drinks and caffeine. Adequate water and hydration are important factors that can lead to weight loss. Drinking more water leads to a feeling of fullness and thus reduces binge eating which in turn lets you consume fewer calories.

 The tendency of drinking and eating is controlled by one important part of the brain called the hypothalamus and we often mistake thirst for hunger, so we end up snacking and adding more calories than we burn. So, if we drink enough water before a meal then we can control hunger and as a result, our consumed calories can be controlled. Although regular water would do the job of maintaining weight Alkaline water proves to be a better option as intestines absorb alkaline water much quicker than regular water. Alkaline water also provides increased energy and improved muscle function by preventing lactic acid build-up in muscles.

 Indigestion is one of the most common problems faced by people in today's busy beaver lifestyle and it is scientifically proven that you can have a toned and fit body if your digestive tract is not fit. Drinking alkaline water can ease the problem as its regular consumption can help to lubricate the colon which in turn can flush out the toxins and maintain a healthy digestive tract thus you can say goodbye to extra weight with alkaline water. Good Metabolism is another factor that can be achieved by drinking alkaline water. Metabolism is the natural biochemical in the body that converts nutrients into energy so that our body can function properly. Alkaline water can enhance the metabolism function and thus increase the energy levels in the body. This will burn extra calories and can boost the weight loss process.

 Alkaline water is one complete solution for weight loss so drink it and be your personal best. You can get the best quality alkaline water by using Chanson quality water Ionizer that uses latest Japan's nano-platinum electrolytic plates with seven 12-slot electrolytic cells that can generate high levels of active hydrogen and makes your water full of health benefits and of course a refreshing taste!

Chanson Quality Water
19 Nov 2022
Hydrogen Water And Its Benefits

Water has been the central theory to the evolution as well as the development of life on earth. Human beings have always been concerned about water and its role in their lives. Regular and sufficient intake of water can keep us healthy but what about the essential minerals in water that we need? Hydrogen water comes to our rescue. Scientific studies indicate that molecular hydrogen is a therapeutic gas that can play a significant role in the overall well-being of humans. 

Hydrogen water contains added amounts of hydrogen along with magnesium mineral as these both make the drinking water better than normal water used by us. The presence of magnesium is such that it reacts with water molecules and releases hydrogen gas in water which in turn makes the water hydrogen rich and hence highly beneficial for our consumption. At higher temperatures, hydrogen is liberated in the form of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen acts as an anti-oxidant inside our body and has many anti-inflammatory properties. Once inhaled, hydrogen is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream in the lungs and from there it can be carried throughout the body.  More the hydrogen in the water, the more hydrogen is absorbed into the bloodstream which benefits the entire system.

Here are some benefits of hydrogen water:

     Acts as an antioxidant and avoids brain damage

     Beneficial in treating mood disorders

     Acts as an anti-inflammation agent

     Reduces muscle fatigue

     Prevents metabolic syndrome

     Help in weight loss

     Stimulates mitochondrial function

     Improves oxidative stress

Hydrogen water that contains extra added, OH ions can help to fight against lung diseases, and pulmonary disorders as well as in treating diabetes. It is well believed that hydrogen has more hydration-providing capability and hence can reach the lungs more easily and quickly thus giving a more refreshing effect on the body and mind. It also slows down the aging process which is caused by oxidative damage.  The anti-oxidative effects of hydrogen-rich water suppress oxidative damage, which may aid in inhibiting age-related inflammatory reactions. Drinking hydrogen-rich water smoothens muscle cell proliferation, increases vascular density, and increases PH hypertrophy.

Regular consumption of Chanson-quality Hydrogen water will eventually lead to a blissful life and enhanced productivity.  The hydrogen water purifier is one ioniser (ionizer) that can give you the best hydrogen water The hydrogenated antioxidant water from ZeroB Hydrolife’s water purifier offers you many health benefits. Still, thinking about what to buy? Don not waste your time and choose a hydrogen water purifier for your home and offices. Just choose the perfect hydrogen water purifier for your home and keep the health of your family in check.

27 Oct 2022
Use Of Alkaline Water In The Treatment Of Cancer

When we count for assets in life, good health takes the topmost spot but with changing lifestyles, being healthy has become a tough task. Chronic ailments are becoming common and one such is Cancer. Cancer leaves patients highly despondent and their families distressed. Dietary changes can cause a huge impact on cure and survival rates for patients. Water plays an important role in keeping us healthy and the right kind of water adds to the nutrients in our body. Usage of Alkaline water has shown a significant change in cancer rehabilitation and improved QOL(Quality of life) and alkaline water is good for health as generally seen.

Some medical journals have elaborately published the effect of alkaline water and its role in cancer. Cancer can start anywhere in the human body and normal course cells in the human body multiply to form new cells while the old ones die completing their life cycle on the contrary in cancer, there is an irregular and uncontrolled growth of malign cells which destroy the normal human tissue and hinder the proper functioning of the body. These journals claim that cancer cells are more rapidly in an acidic environment. Our body is acidic but the regular consumption of alkaline water reduces the acidity of our body. Once the pH of the body is brought to alkaline levels, a less conducive environment for cancer cell growth is given. Higher pH in our body can slow cancer cell growth.

Apart from cancer cell growth, one more important factor for any cancer patient or survivor is the overall health of the body and its ability to absorb nutrients so that it has the immunity to fight well with ailments. It has been observed that Alkaline water maintains the pH of the blood and thus helps fight acid reflux which in turn improves metabolism and increases the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. These nutrients play an important role in our fight against cancer. In general, it is widely accepted that keeping yourself hydrated is a must thing to do while undergoing rigorous cancer treatment processes like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. The after-effects of cancer treatments like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. can lead to dehydration. So, a good level of hydration is highly recommended along with the ongoing cancer-treatment process.  Now alkaline water has been shown to provide a hostile environment for cancer cells. And it also provides really good hydration which is far better than regular water.

 Alkaline water of about  3-4 litres along with alkaline food items like soy, beans, lentils, etc. can help in controlling blood pressure and body temperature hence giving a good quality of life to cancer patients. Alkaline water and its role in cancer are accepted as in cancer patients, it slows the growth of cancer cells but some people have the perception that alkaline water price is beyond the regular budgetary reach of the general public, which is again a myth as many innovative budding ionizer manufacturers are offering affordable rates and great quality of Ionisers. Alkaline water has been a proven companion in the journey of recovery from cancer.  It improves your blood acidity as acidosis can cause many chronic ailments like kidney failure so keeping the acid in your blood above 7.35 on the pH scale is recommended. For a quicker recovery, use Chanson Alkaline water and experience the change. 

14 Oct 2022
Difference between Alkaline water and alkalised water

Water is paramount when we talk about life and it has a major role to play in keeping us healthy. We are already on the brink of health disasters owing to our busy-beaver lifestyles and food habits, that have changed drastically but water is one common and easy to have health-tonic that can revamp our lost immunity and help us to fight chronic diseases and keep them at bay. There is a lot of buzz about keeping the PH of our body more towards an alkaline side by drinking alkaline water rather than normal water.  What is this alkaline water? Is this alkaline water the same as alkalised water. Let's break the myth and find out the difference between alkanile water and alkalised water?

 Everyone of us have studied about pH of liquids in our science textbooks and according to the universally accepted definition, anything having a PH of greater than 7 is alkanine and less than 7 is acidic while water is neutral with a PH of 7 at 25℃.  Yes! It's true that minerals are added in normal water to make it alkaline by increasing its pH but here we are keen about the alkalising effect in our body rather than taking the alkaline water directly. One example is lemon juice, which is actually very acidic in nature with a very low pH, but it has an alkalizing effect once metabolized within the body.

Here is the difference:

 Alkaline water is made through a chemical process with addition of minerals like sodium bicarbonate , magenesium, calcium to it that raises its pH and makes it more alkaline. Simple chemistry behind the properties of these minerals that make them alkalising is that they are attached to negatively charged anions such as carbonate, hydrogen carbonate, and ascorbate. Use of alkaline water with pH 8.8 may help deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme that causes acid reflux, thus relaxing patients with relux problems.

On the other hand, Alkalised water, which has got its immense health benefits, is obtained through the process of electrolysis. It has no added chemicals to increase its pH hence is naturally rich in hydrogen ions and antioxidants. It is widely accepted that molecular Hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and inflammation from the body thus revitalizing it and reducing the risk of metabolism syndrome. It is clinically tested for reducing LDL("Bad hormone") and improving HDL. Alkalised water also protects cellular damage thus decreases disease risk. A truly alkalizing water generally has high TDS(Total dissolved solids).

 There are fine scientific parameters that can clearly tell the difference between Alkaline water and Alkalised water. Clear understanding of these differences and use of Alkalised water by Chanson water ionizer can ameliorate the situation of health related ailments. Inclusion of a balanced diet along with best alkalised water can definitely play a crucial role in improving our health. Times are changing and adapting according to time can only save us from the vicious circle of bad health and hospitalisations. Changing our sedentary lifestyles and adding some good habits to our lifestyle can be highly beneficial to us.. 

04 Mar 2020
Is indian are drinking alkaline water or only rich countries are drinking it

Dr Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery made the revolutionary claim that “NO disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

And so is promoting the renowned actress Raveena Tandon, who is one among the fortunate thousand to be followed by the Hon. Prime Minister of the largest Republic of the World, the Republic of India, Mr Narendra Modi, lovingly renowned as NAMO, whom himself is followed by more than four million people.

She is advocating and advising the world to switch over to alkaline water to save oneself from deadly diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, migraine, ageing, high blood pressure, arthritis, dermatitis, constipation, acidity, fat, depression, hormonal diseases, infertility and even cancer, including thousand others more.

There was a time when we had not even heard of these diseases. But, now, they have entered every household, instead have already entered close to more than 90% people’s body in one way or another.

In early days they may remain dormant for a long period, only to all of a sudden surprise you one day that you are suffering with a deadly disease and you can’t be cured any more. Therefore, the best thing is to keep your body alkaline and even not to allow any disease or ailment

27 Apr 2020
Alkaline water ionizer Your Insurance to Good Health and Longer Life

Alkaline water is considered as the Insurance to good health and longer life, naturally without leading to any side effects - it' the pH value of the solutions which decides whether it is alkaline or not. Here we are exploring the nitty-gritty of Alkaline concept.

What is pH?

The pH expresses the Acidity/Alkalinity of liquids, where 7 is considered as neutral, while the lower values till 1 express the Acidity, and the higher values up to 14 specify the Alkalinity. More precisely, the pH is equal to -log10C, where c stands for the hydrogen ion concentration in moles per litre.

So, what is an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

The Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine transforms the regular water to provide with alkaline water with optimal pH level or desired pH as per the requirement by electrolysis while separating the incoming water into alkaline and acidic water.

What should one look for in an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

There are various essential features one should ensure before buying an alkalized water ionizer Machine; otherwise, there are many machines available which lack fundamental aspects and are inferior in features. Therefore, it’s a must to select a correct Alkaline Water Ionizer keeping in mind the following features.

1.) Adjustable pH levels – 

The Alkaline Water Ionizer machine should be capable of providing water with different types of pH values depending upon the requirement. The device either should have provision for switching over to various pH levels or should have some control panel where the required pH should be mentioned to receive the type of the water required. Like acidic water is required for cleaning purposes, whereas the slightly alkaline water is best for the drinking while for cooking, higher alkaline water is preferred.

2.) Number of Plates and their Types –

The Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines with a higher number of plates is considered as a powerful machine as it works faster than the others. However, a higher number of plates is not always better as the water takes time while being filtered in the machine. Therefore, an adequate balance is must between filtering capabilities, a flow rate of the water, and the quality of the alkalized water the ionizer delivers.

There are various types of different plates typically assembled in different kinds of alkaline water ionizer machines depending upon their brand, quality, and features they are providing.

a.) GRID - These plates provide the best quality alkaline machines with higher efficiency and excellent durability.

b.) MESH - These types of plates ensure that the alkaline water ionizer is of higher efficiency and excellent quality. 

c.) FLAT - The Flat plates provides better durability and reliable quality to trust.

d.) SLOTTED - The slotted plates are the worst plates used in Alkaline water ionizer machines as they result in poor quality with recurring problems during use.

3.) ORP Range -

The ORP range stands for oxygen reduction potential. The potential of antioxidants in the alkaline water matters the most. The water with the negative ORP is considered to be the best water when it comes to healing and is therefore seriously considered before buying any alkaline water ionizer machine. For instance, the Soda, which is acidic, has the ORP varying between +500 to +600, whereas the antioxidant-rich water has a negative ORP range of -150 to -450.

4.) UV (Ultra Violet) Light -

The UV light kills the bacteria, viruses, and other microbes present in the water and is, therefore, is a must to be present in the alkaline machine. The UV light source should be of good quality producing the correct light within the specified bandwidth range.

5.) Power Supply -

Power supply of the alkaline water ionizer is the heart of the system to keep it performing without fail besides of being energy efficient. Therefore, the machines should be of the latest technology and equipped with good quality SMPS for more extended durability and less power consumption.

6.) Warranty -

The alkaline water ionizer should have plates guaranteed for the entire life, while the remaining system should have at least a warranty of a minimum of 10 years. There are many alkaline water ionizers available in the market which come with a warranty of just 5 years and should not be taken into consideration while making a selection to go for a competent Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine.

7.) Branded -

The Alkaline Water Ionizers of branded companies provide you with a tested, reliable ionizer of the latest technology with superb efficiency, excellent after-sales service, and the assurance of being in the right hands, to not get bluffed by the things you are not aware.

How does an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine work?

The Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines are usually attached to the faucet. It’s convenient and straightforward to attach even by a kid without any fuss or trouble.

The ionizer first filters the water to remove the impurities and other microbes. Later the pH is regulated as per the desired requirement set on the control panel. The filtering mechanism is of a carbon filter that filters out impurities and pollutants, whereas the electrolysis process maintains the pH. The hydrogen ions and the minerals split apart during electrolysis, and the water is produced by two different streams one streaming alkaline water for drinking and the oxidized water for cleaning.

What are the benefits of Alkaline Water?

1.) To provide a Powerful Antioxidant  -

The alkaline water is high in antioxidants and protects our bodies from free radicals by eliminating them, which are the root cause of several diseases. Free radicals deteriorate our immune systems and thus damages our organs. The low immune system leads to several diseases, from small illnesses to deadly degenerative diseases, and put our body on the stake.

Free radicals enter our body through various means like exposure to toxic substances as smoke from cigarettes, pollutions, and different other stagnating or unclean and unhygienic household items. The body requires antioxidants to get rid of these free radicals to protect the immune system and avoid diseases.

2.) To balance the pH levels of the body -

The body has a reasonable tendency to maintain the acid-alkaline balance on its own without any physical assistance, but it has a limitation to it. In case the body is too acidic, then to maintain this balance, the body has to regulate the entire system under severe stress, which is not healthier for the body. The more the body is stressed, the more it gets deteriorated and age faster because of the damage that it has to sustain at the hands of stress. An acidic body otherwise interferes with our cellular mechanism and prevents them from functioning normally. 

In the present era, our diet usually comprises of cheese, butter, meat, or other refined products that are high on acid content and make our system overly acidic. The presence of acidic content in the body, making it vulnerable to several diseases. The diseases thrive on the acidic content present in our body, and if it is overly acidic, then the damage becomes multi-fold.

The alkaline water neutralizes the acidic content of the body and makes it alkaline to prevent the occurrence of the diseases. The extra supplement of the alkaline water naturally neutralizes the acidic content and thus reduces the stress on the body in regulating the pH level to maintain the desired alkaline level as per the body requirement.

3.) To promote better hydration -

The alkaline water promotes better hydration of the body as the alkaline water has a smaller molecule than the usual water molecules, which are easily absorbed by the body. Thus, the alkaline water keeps the body more hydrated and for a longer time.

Besides, the alkaline water is also abundant in naturally ionized minerals that help inefficient blood circulation, which further regulates the body to function at optimum levels.

4.) For body detoxification -

The alkaline water detoxifies the body as it washes away the dangerous toxins present in our body, which damages it. Drinking a lot of water to detoxify the body is old age practice. Still, it doesn’t work effectively in case the body is overly acidic, wherein the alkaline water works effectively. Not only this, it accelerates the detoxification process in the case of healthy individuals.

5.) Boosts Immunity -

The human body in an alkaline state builds the immunity faster than it usually does. A healthy alkaline body is much better than just a healthy body. The alkaline element in the body significantly improves the immune system of the body. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep our body healthy and fit with a robust immunity system to keep the diseases at bay.

6.) Losing Weight -

Alkaline water makes you healthier in a natural manner and sheds your extra weight by making you fit and healthy at the cellular level. The body builds more fat cells to neutralize the acidic content of the body. In case your body is alkaline, then the body doesn’t need to create the fat cell as there is no more requirement to neutralize the acidic content of the body, which usually gets from by the junk food we eat.

7.) Helps fight cancer -

Cancer cells rarely survive in a neutral pH level as the cancer cells require acidic medium to grow. The alkaline content in the body prevents the formation and the growth of the malignant cells. A pH level from 7.0 to 7.2 keeps the body neutral by neutralizing the acidic content and thus prevent the cancer cells.

8.) Help fight Diabetes -

Dr. Keijiro Kuwabara is treating diabetes successfully by using alkaline water for last so many years. He recommends alkaline water to keep diabetes under check significantly, and in case it is taken for a month, or so it brings down the sugar to an undetectable level. Similarly, Dr. Theodore Baroody released his analysis depicting a strong correlation between sugar intake and alkaline water and advised us to take alkaline water regularly in case we don’t want to get diabetic.

9.) Help cure Psoriasis -

Alkaline water does help in fighting Psoriasis that include patched on the face, neck, legs, hands, and other areas of the body. It’s a chronic disorder that occurs when the skin threatens the immune system. The alkaline water is applied to the affected areas to cure Psoriasis. The alkaline water effectively neutralizes the skin to eliminate psoriasis symptoms.

10.) Alkaline Water Machine itself is a Money Saver -

Installing an Alkaline water machine is cheaper than procuring bottled water or mineral water though there is no comparison between bottled water and the alkaline ionized water. From remaining fit to saving directly in purchasing water bottles to saving on doctor’s fees and hospital expenses, the alkaline water ionizer machine provides considerable savings to be a big money saver.

Conclusion - It is essential to go for Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine for quality pH-controlled water rather than going for any other alkaline water ionizer machine with inferior qualities, limited warranty, and no assurance of a quality output even after paying a considerable amount. Alkaline water keeps you healthy, strong, and fit naturally without taking any further supplements.

Chanson India, the official exclusive distributor of Chanson Taiwan, is the Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine manufacturer in India. Chanson Taiwan is the world leader in Alkaline water ionizers and is manufacturing the reliable alkaline water ionizer machines since 1979.

30 Mar 2020
Alkaline Water are safe Covid 19

No one yet knows enough about the novel coronavirus, also known as SARS-Cov2, to offer any vaccine.  And that explains the lockdowns and curfews to contain infections. Sadly, that also explains the spread of misinformation and half knowledge on social media, WhatsApp and other channels.

What’s the real problem in other countries or India, Mortality Rate? Nope, the possibility of healthcare collapse due to too many cases at the same time and recovery is slow and that’s why available reception capacity is so vital.

Folks who contract the new coronavirus will develop symptoms between five to twelve days after their exposure to the new virus, as per research report of Johns Hopkins

Based on data 650 confirmed cases, this data is estimated incubation period of Covid-19.  To slow down this cases government take action “Quarantine” and this is a very good step for disease control and prevention is “appropriate” and will cover 99% of all infectious cases of the Covid-19 virus, said study co-author Kyra Grantz, a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore.

But the big question mark remains: What we do to protect from coronavirus for yourself or others, to help the government or doctors to fight with Covid-19

So what we have to do, make your body alkaline by drinking alkaline water or eat alkaline food and help others too. Have you ever notice many doctors, Ayurveda said to eat healthy food the reason behind this to make your body alkaline which helps to fight from free radicals which create in our body due to more acidic nature. So when we drink alkaline water this boosts our immune system, helps in digestion and many more.

On such concerns, if you have an alkaline water machine please drink more water as much as you can and distribute the same to help others make the immune system strong to fight with Covid-19.

Chanson trying to spread information about alkaline water which helps you to fight Covid-19, so help us for the same by contributing to the nation, just a small step fill one bottle of alkaline water and distribute it in your neighborhood to protect them from the virus. Below is the awareness posters released by the Ministry of Health and family welfare which shows some do’s and don’ts to protect yourself and others from Novel Coronavirus.


25 Mar 2020
Alkaline and Acidic water and its effect on Covid-19

World emerged with corona virus from last year December 2019 this virus effect your respiratory system. The named “coronavirus” is derived from Latin word corona which means “crown” or “wreath”.

Cross sectional model of a Cronavirus

So in humans coronavirus cause respiratory tract infections that can be mild, such as a common cold. This will make your immune system weak and the cases of coronavirus in India is increasing now it is more than 500 to protect other people from the virus this government take step towards this and lockdown the country.

Now, what we have to do to protect ourselves and how we can increase our immunity. Have you ever heard about alkaline water if no please search and read about alkaline water and if you already using alkaline water then please show a gesture to help others to get this water? What you have to do just fill one bottle of alkaline water and one bottle of acidic water and give this to your neighbor.

I know you have a question of why we have to give this to our neighbor and how one bottle of alkaline water or acidic water helps others. Let talk about “Alkaline water”

Alkaline water means water that’s less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Alkaline water also contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant. So when we drink Chanson Alkaline water it will boost your immune system which helps in neutralizing the acidity in your body, which is caused by poor diet, stress and environmental toxins. So Covid-19 will not affect your respiratory system because your immune system is already strong enough to fight with this virus.

When we give one bottle of Chanson alkaline water to others this will help them to boost their immune system. Chanson Alkaline water not even helps in boosting immunity but also helps in other diseases like cancer, diabetes, weight loss, etc.

Let's know about acidic water and how it will help you to fight with the Corona Virus. Every one saying use sanitizer, mask, hand gloves. WHY?  These things indicate about hygiene. Hygiene means conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

What is Acidic water?  Acidic water often referred to as electrolyzed water with a potential hydrogen (PH) of less than 7. So when PH level of water less than 7 then this water you can use as Antiseptic or as skincare. Chanson Acidic water has abilities as an antiseptic for cuts, abrasions and even as a mouthwash that helps with removing any existing plaque from teeth. In the case of removing oil and dirt without using any chemicals. It acts as a raw astringent and will help relieve itchy and dry skin.

So when we use Chanson 2.5PH acidic water it will help you to sanitize yourself and your house as well to protect from Corona Virus. Chanson 2.5 PH acidic water defined as cleaning something to make it free of bacteria or disease-causing elements in your hand.

So just fill one bottle of chanson 2.5PH acidic water and distribute it to others to help them and protect them from covid-19.

“Drink More Chanson Alkaline Water To Boost Your Immune System And Sanitize yourself To Protect from Virus And Help Others.”

21 Mar 2020
Alkaline Water and Its Effect on Novel Corona Virus

The corona virus emerged in only December last year, but already the world is dealing with a pandemic of the virus and the disease it causes - Covid-19.

With this outbreak of fatal Corona Virus Disease, known as COVID -19, it is significant to acknowledge how the whole world can combat itself. WHO (World Health Organization), says, "Persons plagued with COVID-19 simply cannot kill this fatal virus by the spraying of chlorine and alcohol made sanitizers all over their bodies".

For most, the disease is mild, but most people die. Its speeding very fast in India too.

World biggest medical research institute PUBMED told in research that if human body blood PH is 7.34 than no need to worry about it, but 99% Indian blood PH level is below to <7.34 PH, because they drink RO water with PH level of below 5.5 (TDS level is below <50) , which means  they are drinking acidic water or slow poison simultaneously polluted air also they breath. 

Drinking Chanson water helps to maintain your blood PH level by drinking 8.5 to 9.5 PH water (Can  also produce 2.5 to 11.5 PH different levels) as per Indian water community standards which increase  our body immune system.

Now let's see what this machine can do for you. This is the only machine in the World which can give you high acidic water (sanitize) with PH range of 2.5 (Without any chemical-100% natural) works 100 times more effective than any sanitize available in the world and can prevent you from corona virus.

Therefore, to help boost your immune system and to stay endangered, one should start drinking at least 3 litres of 8.5 to 9.5 pH Alkalized water  and by always carrying a spray bottle of Strong Acidic water of 2.5 PH.

So, it is high time change your water improve your health. Because we care for you.

Can alkaline water kill corona virus?

Coronaviruses are types of viruses that typically affect the respiratory tracts of
birds and mammals, including humans. Doctors associate them with the common
cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and
COVID-19. They can also affect the gut.

Alkaline water gives benefit in boosting immunity. Your immune system may help
neutralise the acidity in your body, which is caused by poor diet, stress and
environmental toxins.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Symptoms vary from person-to-person with COVID-19. It may produce few or no symptoms. However, it can also lead to severe illness and may be fatal. Common symptoms include:

  • fever
  • breathlessness
  • cough

It may take 2–14 days for a person to notice symptoms after infection.

So, regular intake of alkaline water plays an important role in boosting the immune system. When your body is in the alkaline state, it boosts your immune system. Alkaline water naturally neutralized the free radicals, thereby cleansing the toxins present in your body. Drinking alkaline water regularly will significantly improve your immune system and also provide long-term health benefits.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggest that several groups of people have the highest risk of developing complications due to COVID-19. These groups include:

  • young children
  • people aged 65 years or older
  • women who are pregnant

The CDC advise that although there have been reports of complications in young children, these are rare. COVID-19 most commonly produces mild symptoms in children.

Can 2.5PH kill corona virus?

2.5 PH water is strong acidic water or you can say that it is anti-bacterial. So you can use this water as a hand Sanitizer. Whenever you are in public or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing use hand sanitizer to protect yourself and other also or Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

The Founder of the Art of Living Foundation Shri Shri Ravi Shankar speaks to India Today on Dealing with Coronavirus Pandemic. He shares his thought on Why it is essential to Alkalize our body?

He also adds that Indian bodies are prone to such viruses due to acidic foods they intake. Hence, Alkalizing our body is the best way to diminish the acidic impurities from bodies and enjoy a healthy and fit body that can combat any fatal viruses such as Coronavirus.  
Since Alkaline Water is the ideal option to Alkalize our body, so start drinking from today and increase alkaline levels of your body.


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Videos on this website are only for awareness. Chanson India does not claim its ownership

13 Mar 2020
Why Is Alkaline water considered as the Game Changer in 2020?

Times have changed and so have changed the trends of staying healthy and fit. And with the beginning of the new decade, it would be a great idea to resolute to live heal and hearty without being subject to medicines, drugs, or surgeries.

The technology is evolving fast to come out with several handy options to make our lives elongated, better and convenient. Several new studies and researches have explored, claimed and proved that it is better to stay naturally fit and healthy than relying on pills or depending upon doctors to get sick and then get cured.

Alkaline water has landed as a boon and miracle of the era, to revolutionize the way we live and stay fit. It naturally keeps us energized, rejuvenated and enthusiastic throughout the day to make us finish our daily tasks in a couple of hours rather than closing our day with a vast pending list even after spending entire day struggling hard.

It helps us closing our day early before time while making us stay lively and energetic brimming with vitality, energy and vigour in those crucial hours when we are otherwise exhausted and over.

So, what is this Alkaline Water about?

We all drink water to quench our thirst and survive.

However, here the story does not end.

We drink water to keep ourselves hydrated and to keep our organs and systems intact to let our biological and other metabolic functions run smoothly and efficiently to keep our body energetic and bubbling to perform all activities happily and timely.

It is the energy and strength infused in our body that help us keep going and make us finish tasks well within time without fatigue or complain.

And, the catch here is, it is just not the water but the type of water we consume and drink, that let the body infuse strength and energy to let us work and finish our tasks. It is the energy that differentiates one from others who finish their work faster and earlier.

The water we drink is of three different types: neutral, acidic and the alkaline. It is the pH value of the water decides the type of water.

Neutral water bears the pH of 7 while acidic water bears a pH of less than 7 and alkaline water bears the pH of above 7. The pH is a scale that measures alkalinity of the water on a scale of 0-14.

0 being the most acidic, 7 being the neutral and 14 being the most alkaline one can well choose the type of water one requires. The alkaline water is good for consuming while the acidic water is suitable for washing and cleaning.

Why Is Alkaline water better?

The Alkaline water counters the acidic content of our body and prevents it from staying acidic.

It is the acidity in our body that weakens our metabolic functions and reduce our immune systems. The acidity decays the body, slows down its activities and delays its normal functioning resulting in acidic flux, irritating nature, improper digestion, poor blood circulation, irregular bowels, and poor health besides making body inefficient to cope up with daily pressures and fight against disease-causing pathogens and other micro-organisms. 

In other words, the acidity unknowingly makes our body function ineffectively and irregularly that reduces the immunity of the body and makes it vulnerable to get sick and become diseased even at a slight sign of irregularity.

Thus, the key to remaining healthy is to stay away from sickness and diseases and keep our body fit and immunity strong.

Alkaline water helps us keeping our immunity intact and provide us with an in-penetrable shield against disease-causing microbes and other pathogens in the most natural way without getting addicted to any habit, medicine or drug. It is as natural as we breathe, drink and eat. And it takes nothing more than replacing our regular drinking water with ionized alkaline water.

So, how Alkaline water is a game-changer?

Alkaline water helps in leading a life that is disease-free, healthy and fit, and thus keeps one at bay from the medicines and drugs. 

These drugs no doubt cure one but silently make them slaves to get addicted to these medicines and thus subjecting them to several other side-effects, while weakening their other biological systems besides exposing them to many other new deadly diseases. 

This not only weakens their body but in turn, make their body parasitic to hundreds of other incurable diseases that slowly and gradually keeps the body deteriorating and finally making it collapse much before time.

Thus, by merely replacing regular drinking water with ionized alkaline water, one can keep oneself healthy and fit, miles away from diseases and sickness. So, the wisdom lies in staying fit, heal, healthy and hearty rather than getting sick and becoming prey to the doctors, drugs and medicines.

On the one hand, it makes one lead a happy and long life and on the other hand prevents holes in the pocket by saving on medical fees, doctors consultation charges, hospitalization bills, medicines and drugs.

From where to get the best Alkaline Water Ioniser?

Chanson Alkaline Ionized water provides you with the best alkaline water that helps you tap water depending upon the alkalinity you require. It also provides you with clean acidic water that is not fit for drinking but has many other cleaning applications that is vital for any home or office.

On the feather touch panel, you can easily set the pH level of the water you require and can conveniently avail the natural benefits of this Alkaline water ionizer.

Chanson India, the franchisee of Chanson Taiwan, the established pioneers of the alkaline water ionizer for the last 30 years are providing the time tested, cutting-edge alkaline water ionizers across the pan India.

Conclusion: It is time to resolute in 2020 not to visit the doctor’s clinic and chemists besides wasting time, money and energy owing to improper water consumption, sick body, poor health and weak immunity. It is time to become wiser, mature and grow up intellectually to stay healthy, hearty and fit, and cure bodily ailments and shortcomings naturally.

And, that too by just switching over to Chanson Alkaline Water Ioniser, today.

22 Feb 2020
Do indian are drinking alkaline water or only rich countries are drinking it

Dr Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery made the revolutionary claim that “NO disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

And so is promoting the renowned actress Raveena Tandon, who is one among the fortunate thousand to be followed by the Hon. Prime Minister of the largest Republic of the World, the Republic of India, Mr Narendra Modi, lovingly renowned as NAMO, whom himself is followed by more than four million people.

She is advocating and advising the world to switch over to alkaline water to save oneself from the deadly diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, migraine, ageing, high blood pressure, arthritis, dermatitis, constipation, acidity, fat, depression, hormonal diseases, infertility and even cancer, including thousand others more.

There was a time when we had not even heard of these diseases. But, now, they have entered every household, instead have already entered close to more than 90% people’s body in one way or another.

In early days they may remain dormant for a long period, to all of a sudden surprise you one day that you are suffering with a deadly disease and you can’t be cured any more.Therefore, the best thing is to keep your body alkaline and even not to allow any disease or ailment to enter your body, set aside to let these diseases keep you killing silently for years before making you finally succumb to them.


11 Dec 2019
Dr Softener, the Best Water Softener

Dr Softener uses a Patented Ceramic Ball comprising of all-natural material instead of some synthetic or chemical material that comes with numerous side-effects against a few advantages. This Ceramic Ball generates Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that activates the water, which in turn energizes it to have a better effect on the human cellular system to rejuvenate the body and soul together. These Ceramic Balls are treated at an extremely high temperature of 1550 C + to made them active to energize the water passing through.

What does Ceramic Ball Water Activator do?

These Ceramic Ball Water Activators generates negative ions that have a miraculous impact on the human body system and work at the cellular level to enhance the healing of the entire biological body. They work on the cells of the body and make them function in a proper manner they are supposed to work; thus, preventing them from any malfunctioning or deteriorating the body systems. The negative ions prevent the body from oxidization and help it in leading a longer life. Therefore, these Ceramic Ball Water Activators are a boon to keep the human body fit and healthy in a natural way without taking the aid of any synthetic or chemical material.

Are Negative Ions a real miracle for the human body?

 Yes, you got it right! The Negative Ions do a lot for us. From increasing your immune system to reducing toxins to protect your skin from ill-effects of chlorine, it does all. Researches have shown that it alleviates SAD, seasonal affective disorder too. So far so good, but how these Far Infrared Rays (FIR) do this miracle?

Are Negative Ions a Miracle for the human body systems?

Yes, the negative ions are a miracle for the human body as they heal it naturally without creating any side-effect and doing other damages to it. The negative ions increase the immune system of the body by reducing the toxins in the body. In other words, they detoxify the body at the cellular level and repair the damaged or infected cells. They heal the cells naturally the way the body works on its own, and while doing this, they, in turn, expedite the body’s healing system, making it heal faster in a natural way. These negative ions are significantly responsible for curing and repairing human body systems to make them work effectively. Researches have shown that it alleviates SAD, seasonal affective disorder too. So far so good, but how these Far Infrared Rays (FIR) do this miracle?

How Far Infrared Rays (FIR) help human body systems?

The Far Infrared Rays are capable of energizing the water. Once the water is energized, it got activated to cure our body systems more effectively and efficiently. During the activation of water, the size of water clusters gets reduced. These smaller sized water clusters are easily absorbed by the body and have a magical effect on the entire body systems, especially on the skin and the hair.

In Dr Softener, there is a Multi Vortex Water Symphonizer that treat the water while it passes through the two stages. First, the water is let to pass through the Multi Vortex and then across the Ceramic Balls. While passing through these two stages, the size of the water cluster gets reduced, and the water gets activated without any chemical application as these Ceramic Balls are also made up of natural materials.

Other water softener is also available in the market, but they treat the water chemically, which in turn add several side-effects in the water against making it softener. So, where’s the point in having a water softener, which rectifies one and damages two systems.

Therefore, the Far Infrared rays treated water helps all human body systems to work and grow naturally while getting healed and repaired naturally during the process itself. Once the body attains a stronger immunity, it improves its resistivity to infections and other diseases.

Advantages of naturally softened water against chemically softened.

 1) The naturally softened water makes the water chemical-free naturally without adding any chemicals to it.

 2) It naturally restores the Ph balance without the need for any additives.

 3) The harmful Nitrates are reduced to a great extent during natural water softening process.

 4) The naturally softened water decreases the E. Coli bacteria, which has several ill-effects on the human body.

 5) It drastically reduces the Coliform bacteria also.

 6) The naturally softened water drastically reduces the harmful minerals, limescale, rust etc. thus making water safer to use.

7) The absorption ability of the skin is improved by naturally softened water, which results in better hydration for the skin.

 8) The naturally softened water is also better for plants, gardens, and other flora and fauna too.

 9) Unlike other water softeners, Dr Softener doesn’t add any salt or other chemicals to it and therefore save the human body from many other harmful effects.

 10) Dr Softener works naturally on its own and doesn’t require any maintenance during its entire life.

Where can Dr Softener Water Conditioner be used?

The Dr. Softener Water Conditioner can be installed at all places where ever human beings and other living things are around considering its several benefits to humans, flora, and fauna like homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, swimming pools, farms, recreational centres and all other places where water is used in one way or another.

So, how the Dr. Softener Water Conditioner neutralizes hard water?

 There’s a three-phase water conditioning process that neutralizes the hard water in the Dr Softener Water Conditioner. They are polarization, Oxidation-reduction, and Ionization.

  1. Polarization – The polarization prepares the water to be effectively cured during the remaining two processes. Here, the water is passed through flow modulators that polarize the water along with the other material it contains.
  2. Oxidation-Reduction – This process is also known as Redox process, and here the water is made to flow over the ceramic media which is developed by the Nano Technology. It contains a matrix of minerals and rare earth elements. This treatment reduces the propensity of the water to scale and harden through the oxidation.
  3. Ionization – During Ionization, the water stream is passed over the versatile Ceramic Media, to let the electron fields of the materials that are present in the water stream to overlap with the electrons that are present in the Ceramic Media. While doing so, the exchange of the ions gets enhanced. The turbulent water flowing through these materials results in self-generating Piezo-Static Electric charge that helps in the entire process of the Ionization.

Does the treated water remain conditioned Permanently?

This, treated water remains as treated and conditioned for ever, once it's through the Dr Softener Water Conditioner. There is no requirement of retreating the water again.

That sounds good, but what about Dr Softener Water Conditioner’s Life?

Dr Softener is static equipment for treating water naturally to make it better for human use. As it is static, it neither has any moving part nor any chemical candle requiring replacement, therefore, it lasts its entire life. It doesn’t degrade or corrode and keeps serving you for years, year after year, generation after generation till it gets broken or is physically damaged. Still, it comes with a 5 Year Limited Guarantee subject to being not physically damaged or broken.

Where to install Dr Softener? 

Dr Softener is generally installed right after the water meter as the treated water is beneficial for all applications one come across. It carries different benefits for different uses and benefits all whether it’s you, your family, your equipment, your gadgets, your fittings or any other system that involves water.

Conclusion - Dr Softener Water Conditioner is a MUST for all homes, offices, industries, hospitals, etc. as it not only helps to keep the human body fit but also keeps homes, gadgets, equipment, fittings and other systems to the mark. It is nothing short of being your life-long companion, which knows only to serve without demanding any maintenance or expense.

25 Nov 2019
Drinking Chanson Alkaline water promotes heart health

Yes! You heard, right. Drinking Chanson Alkaline Water promotes heart health.

What is this Chanson Alkaline Water?

Chanson Alkaline Water is an established elixir for the human body. It’s just not the alkaline water but its much more than alkaline water. The market is flooded with the alkaline water where all claims their superiority over the others on flak accounts. Its time for the consumer to become smart and learn to distinguish between the ordinary alkaline water and the

Chanson Alkaline Water, which is the true nectar for human life. It is not only an anti-oxidant but is capable of doing a lot for you as promoting heart health, controlling blood pressure, cleansing colon, reversing ageing, and boosting immunity, in addition to reducing weight.

Promoting heart health is every body’s desire, and so would be of you. Isn’t it?

Why should you bother about your health?

Rather it should be. It’s time for everyone to be extra conscious about one’s health, considering the polluted environment we are living in today. And, the worst is that no-body is bothered though we all talk tall to control it. So, the wisdom lies in taking an alternative path to combat this dragon and keep you healthy, safe and sound.

No doubt, there are many medicines, treatments and cures to keep you at bay from all life-style diseases, but they all come with deadly side effects. That is they would be curing something but will be spoiling or damaging the other. In other words, you are getting rid of one disease at the cost of getting some other and then curing the other at the expense of some further another.

It is a vicious circle which will never end, and once you enter it, there will be no returning.

So, what to do?

The cure is better than prevention. It’s just not an adage but make a perfect sense. And in the present environment, it’s much more sensible than it would ever have been since it was coined. It makes a great sense to not to let the diseases overpower you to make you their victim, to force you in the vicious circle of adhering and addicting to medicines for fitness, health and longevity.

So, What’s the best way?

Chanson alkaline water adoption is the best way to keep you at a distance from all by providing you stronger immunity, preventing oxidation and healing your entire body naturally to keep you prepared to let your body fight back to any disease, what-so-ever it may be whether it exists today or is probable to occur in future ever.

So, how Chanson Alkaline Water promotes heart health?

It's Potassium. The presence of potassium in Chanson Alkaline Water keeps your heart healthy, active and robust, making you remain agile, live and energetic round the clock. It keeps your heart at it's best to keep your entire body fit and healthy. It's no more a latent fact that right amount of potassium in the body relaxes the muscles around the heart, preventing it from stroke and heart attack naturally.

Chanson Alkaline Water contains the potassium in the right concentration required by our body and keeps the levels correct and replenished to promote your heart health. So, there's no magic or myth around it. It's scientific, proven and accepted by the Medical fraternity that potassium is vital for a healthy heart. Besides, researches, papers and studies on Chanson Alkaline Water prove it's dominance and authority on reducing the blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol too.

It energizes, detoxifies and cure-all ailments afflicting heart-related and other medical problems. The claimed benefits are enormous, and so are the effects and results. There's nothing to try; it's all tried, corroborated and established. So, be quick and sharp to enjoy the ride and board this health revolution before it becomes too late for you to avail these benefits and compelled to rely on medicines.

Conclusion In a nutshell, by now, you would agree that it is time to be wiser and live healthy, safe and fit with Chanson Alkaline Water, and stop wasting your hard-earned money and priceless time in visiting doctors and paying their hefty fees. You could have all by just drinking alkaline water. In addition to curing high blood pressure the Chanson water is also best natural cure for diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Chanson Water, the franchisee of Chanson Taiwan, the established pioneers of the alkaline water ionizer for the last 30 years are providing the time tested, cutting-edge alkaline water ionizers across the pan India.

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