Water Softener

Product Description

Dr. Softener has revolutionized the water softening process by using a Patented Ceramic Ball which is made up of all-natural material rather than any other synthetic or chemical material, which generates Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to activates the water. These balls are made after treating them at an extremely high temperature of above 1550 C that imparts them this active energy capability.

More Details

What does all this Ceramic Ball Water Activator do?
This Ceramic Ball Water activator is the heart of the system and produces negative ions that enhance our health and entire biological system in more than one way or another. The presence of extra negative ions in our body works like a miracle for our body.

Are Negative Ions a real miracle for the human body?
Yes, you got it right! The Negative Ions do a lot for us. From increasing your immune system to reducing toxins to protect your skin from ill-effects of chlorine, it does all. Researches have shown that it alleviates SAD, seasonal affective disorder too. So far so good, but how these Far Infrared Rays (FIR) do this miracle?

How Far Infrared Rays (FIR) generated by these Ceramic Balls create this miracle?
These Far Infrared Rays activate the water. The activated water reduces the size of water clusters and makes it absorb better by the body to provide large benefits to the entire body, especially to the skin and hair. When the water is passed through this Dr. Softener Water Conditioning system, which is a Multi Vortex water Symphonizer, it is treated twice. First, it passes through the multi-vortex and later across the ceramic balls. While following this natural process the water gets activated without being subjected to any chemicals. Thus, in this manner what we get is the Naturally soft water rather than chemically softened water which has more side effects than their benefits. Let’s have a quick look at naturally softened water.

Image Advantages of naturally softened water over chemically softened.
1) It reduces chemicals.
2) It naturally restores the Ph balance.
3) Nitrates are reduced to a great extent.
4) It results in decreasing E. Coli bacteria.
5) It drastically reduces the Coliform bacterial also.
6) Mineral, lime scale and even rust too are reduced to a great extent.
7) The absorption ability of the skin also gets improved and results in better hydration for the skin.
8) It works a miracle for plants, gardens, and lawns too.
9) There is no salt added to it and therefore you get saved from its harmful effects.
10) There is no running cost of Dr. Softener and it doesn’t require any maintenance also.

Where all we could install this Dr. Softener Water Conditioner?
The Dr. Softener Water Conditioner could be installed in numerous places as Domestic homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, swimming pools, farms and many more places where ever water comes in play and is directly connected to the human body in one way or the another.

So, how hard water is neutralized by the Dr. Softener Water Conditioner?
There’s a three-phase water conditioning process that neutralizes the hard water in the Dr. Softener Water Conditioner. They are polarization, Oxidation-reduction, and Ionization.
1) Polarization – The polarization prepares the water to be effectively cured during the remaining two processes. Here, the water is passed through flow modulators that polarize the water along with the other material it contains.
2) Oxidation-Reduction – This process is also known as Redox process and here the water is made to flow over the ceramic media which is developed by the Nano Technology and it contains a matrix of minerals and rare earth elements. This reduces the propensity of the water to scale and harden through the oxidation.
3) Ionization – During ionization, the water stream is passed over the versatile Ceramic Media, to let the electron fields of the materials that are present in the water stream to overlap with the electrons that are present in the Ceramic Media. While doing so the exchange of the ions get enhanced. The turbulent water flowing through these materials results in self-generating Piezo-Static Electric charge that helps in the entire process of the ionization.

Does the treated water remain conditioned Permanently? This seems to be a quite good question. Yes, the water conditioned once by the Dr. Softener Water Conditioner remains virtually permanent. There wouldn’t be any need to recondition them.

That sounds good, but what about Dr. Softener Water Conditioner’s Life- As this Water Conditioner has neither any moving part nor any chemical, therefore, it lasts forever. It doesn’t degrade or corrode and keeps on serving you year after year, generation after generation till it is broken or physically damaged. It comes with a 5 Year Limited Guarantee as long as it is not broken.

So, you are ready to install and should install at the right place. It is generally installed right after the water meter as it carries the numerous benefits and affects all, whether it’s you, your family, your equipment, your gadgets, your fittings or any other thing that is in any manner associated with the water.

Conclusion - Dr. Softener Water Conditioner is a MUST for all homes or industries, as it not only keeps you fit, but also keeps your home, gadgets, equipment and your entire system to the mark, and above all, it’s your life-long companion without any maintenance or any other further expense.