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Company Brand History

Chanson water Company  Limited was founded in 1979 and is a brand of alkaline water ionizer equipments in Taiwan.

Our products are developed and sold by the Taiwan head office.

After more than 43 years of hard work, we have stood firm in the Global market and continued to pursue excellence. We have obtained ISO9001-2015, ISO-13485 From Italy Health Ministry, Europen Union CE Certification, Taiwan SGS RoHS Compliance Test Reports, US FDA Approved, NSF Certification, Member of Water Quality Association, Taiwan Good Design Products Awards with more than 25 patents and other international certifications in terms of quality and standard systems.

The products have won the Taiwan  Excellence Awards.

Brand Spirit

The company named Chanson Water because " Changing Water Changing Lives". Chanson Water ionizer looks forward to bringing you healthy and happy life.

Chanson Water Logo Image

Brand LOGO meaning

The blue with just the right depth gives people unlimited imagination. It can be the sky or the sea, presenting a natural, pure and comfortable image.

Blue represents water, echoing the origin of the brand name of Chanson Water "Changing Water Changing Lives".


Business philosophy

Diverse product selection ?
Our products include electrolyzed water series, water dispenser series, RO water purifier series, water filter series, bather, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, filter material, etc., providing a variety of choices for daily life, and recommending the most suitable water quality according to local water quality. products.

We expect to use high-quality equipment to fill life with excelent water. Whether in drinking or bathing, we can protect the daily water safety and health of the familes.
Quality and service first

We have a professional R&D team and actively develop products with sophisticated functions; Product manufacturing is carried out with a rigorous and strict attitude, and the support and trust of users are returned with excellent quality.

And after-sales service is also a major focus of our attention. Special personnel will remind users to replace the filter element, arrange regular machine health check ups, etc. to ensure that every user enjoys high-quality water, and feels healthy and satisfied.

Our mission.

Deeply cultivating Taiwan, looking to the world

We currently have direct-operated stores, large-scale retail stores and department store counters and other channels. Our channel distribution is still expanding, and we hope to bring users the most convenient shopping service and professional consultation.

Directly-operated stores subvert the stereotype of traditional home appliance product channels with eye-catching signboards and warm and pure imagery color matching and decoration. The store staff provides warm hospitality and honorable services to bring every distinguished guest a new feeling.

In addition, we have also been invited to exhibit in many countries around the world, allowing friends from all over the world to experience pure and good water.

We are happy to share the happiness of drinking good water with people in more than 80 countries around the world.

Future Outlook

Water Ionizer Equipment Revolution

In the future, Chanson water products will be refined and refined, with attractive and fashionable appearance and rich and practical internal functions, completely breaking away from the traditional water ionizer & purification equipments, which makes people feel that the appearance is unchanged.
Products that add design elements will make drinking water more fun.

Happy Water Life

Chanson Water hopes to bring people all over the world a pure and worry-free water life, drink and use water to the fullest.
Delivering a simple, comfortable and happy attitude with glycol good water to achieve a perfect balance of body and mind in a busy life.

Continuous Pursuit of Excellent Quality and Service

Chanson Water adheres to the spirit of attentiveness, attaches importance to the opinions and feelings of every user, and strives for excellence in product and service quality, making continuous breakthroughs and progress.
In the future, we will not slack off, and continue to perfuse with a dedicated and serious attitude to make every user satisfied and happy.

Design Awards

Taiwan Excellence Award

Chanson Water won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2012 and 2013 consecutively, and this year's award-winning models surpassed those of previous years. The product takes both appearance and function into consideration. The MIT textured and fashionable appearance adds beauty to the home environment, and has a delicate interior to protect the health of the family. Diversified products provide consumers with rich choices. According to the water quality in each region, they can choose the corresponding filter element to use, and drink good water smartly.

Has a professional water R&D team and a machine R&D department, and strictly tests to check for consumers. Every year, a large amount of money is invested in the study of water quality in Taiwan. At present, Chanson water products can be seen in more than 80 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, etc. Please expect Chanson water to shine on the international stage.

The Glory of Chanson Water 

Chanson Water is deeply cultivating Taiwan and looking to the world. High-quality products have won numerous awards over the years, and they have won the trust of customers with considerate after-sales service. The newly renovated store has completely subverted the old thinking, and the new Chanson Water brings you a trendy water tasting experience.


Our Clients

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