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Water Purification PJ-8000 Composite Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter Element

Special filter element for electrolytic ion water rectifier

Applicable series: PL-A 705-Miracle Max Plus / PL-A 505- Miracle Max Lite 5 / VS-A 705 Miracle Max Royale (Under Counter) / PL- A902 Miracle Max Revolution / PL-A 305 Miracle Max Lite 3

The main difference between the old and new models is the difference in the filter element.

Filter element material: 0.01 micron hollow fiber membrane

Filtration function: Effectively filter out 99.99% of bacteria, heavy metals, residual chlorine and organic volatiles in the water. At the same time, the activated carbon is added with silver to enhance the antibacterial effect, and KDF softens the water to reduce scale, making the filtered water more secure and smooth.

Replacement time: about 12 months (adjusted according to the water quality of each region)

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  • ₹ 5900


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