07 Aug 2020

Anti-Oxidant Potential Of Drinking Alkaline Water against COVID-19

Alkaline water therapy as a potential systemic pH(Potential of Hydrogen) suppressant that could inhibit the activities of the COVID virus.


Until now, no promising scientific remedies or prevention techniques have been innovated. However, scientists and researchers are running to broaden efficient treatment strategies to cope with the novel corona viruses-19. Our modern-day world essentially feeds on acid-producing foods that immediately or silently preserve chemical pesticide residues and many chemical additives. Almost all toxic wastes that get into man’s body system contribute to a shift in the pH levels. Three major factors that aid infections with men have been identified as oxidation, acidification, and dehydration. Ionized and alkaline water has been identified as a panacea to most human diseases.


Man’s ultimate task is to manage and preserve his health, the following recommendations have been observed: 

  • There need to be a whole ban on utilizing wild animals and birds as a source of meals 
  • Avoiding processed and fried foods, smooth liquids and strength beverages 
  • Restrict or avoid alcohol 
  • Avoid smoking 
  • Less intake of meat (20%) extra end result and vegetables (80%)

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