14 Oct 2022

Difference between Alkaline water and alkalised water

Water is paramount when we talk about life and it has a major role to play in keeping us healthy. We are already on the brink of health disasters owing to our busy-beaver lifestyles and food habits, that have changed drastically but water is one common and easy to have health-tonic that can revamp our lost immunity and help us to fight chronic diseases and keep them at bay. There is a lot of buzz about keeping the PH of our body more towards an alkaline side by drinking alkaline water rather than normal water.  What is this alkaline water? Is this alkaline water the same as alkalised water. Let's break the myth and find out the difference between alkanile water and alkalised water?

 Everyone of us have studied about pH of liquids in our science textbooks and according to the universally accepted definition, anything having a PH of greater than 7 is alkanine and less than 7 is acidic while water is neutral with a PH of 7 at 25℃.  Yes! It's true that minerals are added in normal water to make it alkaline by increasing its pH but here we are keen about the alkalising effect in our body rather than taking the alkaline water directly. One example is lemon juice, which is actually very acidic in nature with a very low pH, but it has an alkalizing effect once metabolized within the body.

Here is the difference:

 Alkaline water is made through a chemical process with addition of minerals like sodium bicarbonate , magenesium, calcium to it that raises its pH and makes it more alkaline. Simple chemistry behind the properties of these minerals that make them alkalising is that they are attached to negatively charged anions such as carbonate, hydrogen carbonate, and ascorbate. Use of alkaline water with pH 8.8 may help deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme that causes acid reflux, thus relaxing patients with relux problems.

On the other hand, Alkalised water, which has got its immense health benefits, is obtained through the process of electrolysis. It has no added chemicals to increase its pH hence is naturally rich in hydrogen ions and antioxidants. It is widely accepted that molecular Hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and inflammation from the body thus revitalizing it and reducing the risk of metabolism syndrome. It is clinically tested for reducing LDL("Bad hormone") and improving HDL. Alkalised water also protects cellular damage thus decreases disease risk. A truly alkalizing water generally has high TDS(Total dissolved solids).

 There are fine scientific parameters that can clearly tell the difference between Alkaline water and Alkalised water. Clear understanding of these differences and use of Alkalised water by Chanson water ionizer can ameliorate the situation of health related ailments. Inclusion of a balanced diet along with best alkalised water can definitely play a crucial role in improving our health. Times are changing and adapting according to time can only save us from the vicious circle of bad health and hospitalisations. Changing our sedentary lifestyles and adding some good habits to our lifestyle can be highly beneficial to us.. 

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