30 Oct 2019

Don't get OLD before age

No! That's great. 

But is it really so, check once more and be honest to yourself?

It happens with us all; you are not alone. We know at heart that things are not that rosy, as we want them to be but scares in accepting them because it’s too difficult to accept.

We all want to stay young, vibrant, jubilant and energetic, no matter what's our age. We all crave to have a smooth, silky, glowing skin, no matter whatsoever we do and howsoever little we care. But we want to have a smooth child skin and trust me there's nothing wrong in it to aspire for.

We have a natural way to not only keep your skin silky, glowing and breathing rather keep you young, healthy and fit (believe us) inside out. 

A Glamorous look with a Healthy Heart, what else? We mean our words and are not willing to retreat. 

Stay with us and understand this magic that how it works naturally.

Why our skin dies?

It's a most sought question without a reply. Our skin has many layers underneath what we see or feel that are invisible to us but matters a lot when it comes to ageing. There's an acid mantle layer over our skin to keep it soft, young, breathing and hydrated while keeping pollution and bacteria at bay. This acid mantle gets deteriorated by time because of many of the reasons with the skin remaining alkaline as one of the worst reasons to damage it.

But what happens to our Acid Mantle?

We all use soap to keep ourselves clean, hygienic, and dust and dirt free. And the culprit is the alkaline nature of our soap, which makes our skin alkaline making it vulnerable to get older moment by moment and day by day. This alkaline nature of the skin prevents the grease and oil present in our skin which keeps it hydrated and thus makes it susceptible to damage. This makes you lose your flexibility of the skin with fine lines getting on your skin before the age.

Why our soaps are alkaline?

Soaps and other cleansers are made alkaline to open up our skin pores to allow them to remove the dirt out of them and save our skin from suffering because of acne or pimples that happens due to clogging of pores. In case the dirt stays in the pores, it makes them clog, resulting in acne or blackheads. So, you are between the devil and the deep sea. In case you use soap, you are bound to deteriorate your skin and in case you don't you are bound to get the acne or the pimples.

So, should we not take a bath or use soap?

No, you should but hydrate your skin later.

After using your usual tap water or alkaline water use mildly acidic pH6 Chanson Ionizer water to get rid of the alkaline properties working on your skin and enable it to retain moisture to keep you young and your skin vibrant to glow forever.

Washing your skin back with the acidic water will close all the pores present on the skin to retain the moisture which you had earlier opened up by using the alkaline soap or alkaline water to wash off your pores of dirt and dust accumulated in them.

Thus, both things are important. You need the alkaline water as well as the acidic water both, depending upon what we are trying to achieve at that time. So, you should have both the pools readily available to you.

What does the British Journal reveal?

A British Journal study on Dermatology reveals that women with an Alkaline Mantle Layer develop more fine lines than those with the acidic skin. And the tragedy is that most of the women do have alkaline mantle layer without even knowing this fact, which keeps them getting older day by day irrespective of the health or the beauty regime they follow to keep them glowing, vibrant and shining. 

Conclusion – Having a glowing skin and cheating your age is not that difficult. What it needs is awareness and knowledge of the right things. Chanson alkalized ionizer water provides you with the acidic as well as the alkaline water both to use proper water at different times for different applications and treat your body with what it needs.

Chanson Water, the franchise of Chanson water company limited (Taiwan), the established pioneers of the alkaline water ionizers for the last 41 years are providing the time tested, cutting-edge alkaline water ionizers across the pan India.

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