30 Dec 2022

Healthy Kangen Water

Some years back I came across the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, who was a pioneer in the study of water. In his work on water, he demonstrated that water is shaped by environment, thoughts and emotions. I was amazed to see the scientific evidence as put by the famous pseudo-scientist and the author of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. We all would acknowledge the importance of water in our lives and how it has immense benefits for our health apart from being important in our daily lives. Like every new invention, we have seen in the recent past that water has also re-invented itself in form of healthy kangen water.

 Kangen is a Japanese word that means "Return to origin". Once you take Kangen water, you are meant to return to your original way of being, hence living a more peaceful and natural life. Kangen water is the modified and treated water that contains the original flavour and purity as it needs to be. Kangen water is basically water in its purest form. Healthy kangen water is delightful and it gives a velvety and soft feel while drinking. A feeling of fulfilment is obvious after taking kangen water. The benefits of kangen water include better hydration, increased energy and focus, acid reflux neutralization, weight loss, a strong immune system and the ability to protect against many chronic ailments. Regular drinking water is converted to healthy kangen water by using Kangen water machines which gives us safe, healthy and hydrogen-rich water.

 It is a well-accepted fact that high acidity is not good for our bodies as it has been linked to bone density loss, acid reflux, ailments, hair loss etc. Healthy kangen water, which is an extended and improved version of Alkaline water, is supposed to improve digestion, expel toxins, reduce hair fall, and improve immunity and overall health. Many scientific papers put forward that an alkaline state is ideal because chronic diseases like cancer and harmful bacteria can thrive in acidic environments so it is advisable to give an alkaline environment by increasing the intake of healthy kangen water. Dr Masaru Emoto has actually revolutionised the idea of our thoughts impacting water and how water itself is an essential element of nature and the essence of our emotional lives. Drink healthy kangen water and feel the essence of what dr. Emoto actually meant.


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