30 Apr 2020

How does alkaline water work in our body?

‘Alkaline Water Works’ is not a new budge in the industry, its rather making rounds from years rather a few decades but still, the message is unheard by many and unclear to a lot who have heard about it but are not ready to rely on its authenticity and tenacity.

And, there is nothing wrong in it, to not to accept something unless one is sure about how it works, what are the side effects, and is it worth to go for it?

Yes, the questions are many, and so are the answers, but are they authentic is the real question evolving in our minds. Here, we will try to clear the cobwebs and take out the thought process from the never-ending labyrinths, where it has landed in our quest to search but have yet to reach the right answer that could pacify our rational mind, logical thoughts, and pragmatic behaviour.

What is alkaline all about?

Before embarking on a thoughtful journey, let us first understand the crux we are going to hover around.

Anything present in our nature could be in three forms when measured on a pH scale of 1 to 14. It could be either neutral with a pH scale of 7, or could be acidic in case it has a pH of less than 7, or it could be alkaline (what we are trying to understand here) in case it has a pH of more than 7.

So, anything with a pH from 7 to 13 is alkaline. It will remain as the main subject of our concern throughout this blog.

What does our body need?

Our body tends to remain alkaline to efficiently run all body systems from blood circulation to metabolism and from digestion to excretion.

It implies that our body has to maintain the alkalinity inside it, irrespective of what we eat or drink. Or in other words, we can understand it in simplicity that if we eat food or drink water that is alkaline, our body can readily act on it and can smoothly run our body systems.

But on the contrary, if we are consuming acidic food or drinks, then to maintain the equilibrium of the system and to keep the balance intact, our body has to draw alkalinity from somewhere else in our body. Otherwise, it would be difficult for it to run the system correctly and would result in several sorts of illness depending upon the area from where it is trying to tap the alkalinity to maintain the balance.

So, by now, it is clear that it is the alkalinity that is desired by our body for its proper functioning.

What if we do not eat alkaline food?

As mentioned above, if we are not consuming the right food as per the body’s requirement our body would be working on it and digesting it but with a surcharge on rest of our system without our knowledge, unless the ill-effects, the symptoms and the side-effects become enormous enough to start getting reflecting by physical or external means.

Our body to retains its alkaline percentage will overwork on the acidic or non-alkaline food to digest it and to produce energy to keep our system running and to keep us alive.

To retain alkalinity, it draws alkalinity from our bones, muscles and other tissues. It means that to create energy and build our muscles and bones; it is damaging already stored energy in our body and then creating a small percentage of the energy of what it had consumed besides making our system vulnerable to numerous diseases as this process intensively reduces our immunity.

So, if we are consuming non-alkaline food, it is instead doing more of harm rather than any good to us.

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