30 Sep 2019

How does a water ionizer can save your money?

Water ionizers are no more a matter of Lifestyle or luxury. Nowadays people are conscious and are becoming aware of their health and the environment.  Time have changed and now people are switching over to Alkaline ionized water. This switching over has now become the combined wisdom of the entire family rather than a single member’s choice. And there’s no better time to switch over now to alkaline ionized water from bottled water or tap water.

What’s make it more exciting is that the water ionizer can save your money too. So, now it’s the cherry on the cake to have a good health while you are saving your money and protecting the entire family and adding to a steep cut on your regular doctor’s visit.

What is this Alkaline Ionized water?

To start with, let’s understand what all this alkaline ionized water is about, and why we even need it in the first place, leave aside the saving or expenditures. We all need water for many purposes but the most critical is for drinking, which is not only important but a must to even survive. A healthy human body needs four to five litters of water daily to complete its biological processes and keep the body running and alive. Up to this point, I believe we all agree. Yes, there’s nothing new in it. But there’s a catch here. Our body just not need water rather it needs alkaline water to safely complete all its processes and maintain our body.

Why Human Body needs it?

It’s the pH value of the water that decides the acidic or the alkaline nature of the water. The alkaline water keeps the body fit and healthy while the acidic deteriorates it slowly and steadily, therefore it is advisable to consume alkaline water rather than acidic. The alkaline water hydrates and detoxifies your body faster than normal mineral water. It’s antioxidant nature provides you with anti-aging features while removing free-radicals from your body.

Most bottled waters are neutral and are not considered healthy to human consumption, but most of the users are either not aware or either don’t want to learn so. They keep deteriorating their bodies and keep visiting doctors but don’t give heed to learn the benefits and the savings they could make from the alkaline ionized water.

How does a water ionizer save you the money?

The Chanson Alkaline water not only saves you your money but assures you a full life too. For instance, let’s assume you have a four-member family with every member consuming 4 Litres water per day thus, taking per day consumption to 16 Litres of drinking water for the entire family.

Presently 1 Litre of bottled water cost us Rs. 20/- and even if we consider as Zero (0%) inflation than for the entire 10 years we would keep on paying the same amount, which will sum up to Rs. 11,68,000/- in place of just Rs. 2,00,000/-.

Bottled Water


Consumption in Litres

No. of Days

Per Day

1 Year


10 Years

Rs. 20/- per Litre





Rs. 320/-

Rs. 1,16,800/-

Rs. 5,84,000/-

Rs. 11,68,000/-

Chanson Alkaline Water Ioniser

Rs. 2,00,000/-


Rs. 34.25

Rs. 6.85

Rs. 3.40

The Chanson Alkaline water ionizer lets you save a fortune wherein you get your 1 Litre water at an average of Rs. 3.40/- per liter for 10 years while you are paying Rs. 20/- per Litre for the bottled water for all these 10 years, and all this on the top of living a full your kind of life without visiting doctors or even complaining once.

It’s time to consider Alkaline ionized water not only for drinking but for washing fruits, vegetables and other eatables along with using ionized water for cooking food.

Thus, going for Chanson  alkaline water ionizer is the most-wise decision one could have ever taken or will ever take.

Who is Chanson Water Ioniser Manufacturing Machine Suppliers?

Chanson Water Ionizers have become more of a personal assistant to assist you daily in staying strong, healthy and fit without getting sick and visiting the doctor. After all it took more than 25 years to professionals, experts and specialists to come out with these masterpieces of health and wisdom by researching and trying thousands of techniques in the ultra-modern research and development centres and laboratories, and finally getting them tested in government health laboratories to earn the highest global standards certification before dispatching them to warehouses to be sent to you.

They provide you the healthy building blocks to let you live incredibly today, tomorrow and the years to come, without complaint.

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