25 Oct 2019

Three Reasons To Buy An Alkaline Water Machine Over Other Filtration Systems

So, now water can cure you.

Sounds strange! Yes, but it’s true, now water can cure you.

But, it’s just not water rather, it’s Alkaline Ionised Water that can do this miracle. It won’t be wrong to call this alkaline water a miracle. Alkaline water has changed the way people take water for years. Water nowadays can do much more than just quenching your thrust. It can heal you, cure you, charge you, rejuvenate you, and can do a lot from making your mood to curing your ailment. It could go a long way in giving amazing results. Where modern medicines fail and the technologies collapse, the alkaline water can make a difference. Alkaline water can do wonders for you, your family and all. From increasing your immune system to helping a new born delivery, it does all. Doesn’t it a miracle!  Yes, now you got it right. It is so. But, then what is this alkaline water all about and how come people are not aware of it.

What is Alkaline water?

Alkaline Water is normal water with higher pH value. But now, what’ is this pH?   What we broadly call as water is either Alkaline water, Neutral water or Acidic water, it's just not water. It is the pH value of the water that assigns this property. In case, the pH is less than 7, it is considered as acidic and if it’s more, it is considered as Alkaline. In case it turns out to be exact 7, it is considered as Neutral. All these three types of water though commonly called normal water are otherwise with different characteristics and have a different impact on the human body internally as well as externally.

So, what’s better for me?

Let’s understand the concept, bit by bit. In earlier days, the main source of water was rivers, streams, lakes, rains, etc. However, river water was commonly used for their consumption across the masses. This river water reaches us while flowing through mountains, hills, valleys, etc. and in doing so it collects a lot of different minerals, nutrients, etc. These minerals are rich sources of various nutrients the human body needs to lead a healthy life. Such water is better for human consumption and has a pH higher than 7. It is considered as alkaline in nature and could do a lot for us. Therefore, before consuming water, whether it is for drinking, cooking or even washing vegetables, fruits or other eatables, it’s better to ensure that it’s alkaline in nature. So by now, you are learned on the water characteristics.

What next coming to your mind would be, even if it is so, why it matters to us now, and why it was not important earlier. Let’s have a quick look at this also.

I am consuming water for long, but why all of a sudden this becomes more important to me?

This is an important question and matters a lot. Nowadays, there is a common trend of drinking filtered water or what we commonly consider as RO water, because we no more could rely on tap water reaching our home. Though tap water is chemically treated and is perfect to consume, we still prefer to go for RO rather than risking our lives and challenging our health.

The RO water though processed drastically lacks the essential minerals and the nutrients we used to receive from the natural sources in earlier days. So, the water we consume is not the same as we used to consume earlier. We feel safe and secure to consume the filtered water but we were unaware of the facts we have recently discussed. And all this gives rise to the requirement of something that can build this gap. The Alkaline Ionised Water we are talking about is the ultimate solution. Thus, what we need is just not the filtration system, but the Alkaline water machine. Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer is the best ionizers worldwide.

So, by now you would agree to go for the Alkaline Water machine and nothing less. Now, let’s take a quick view of the 3 main reasons to go for Alkaline Ionised Water machine-

1)    Antioxidant - Alkaline water is the best antioxidant to be naturally consumed by the human body. This alkaline water could easily combine with the free radicals present in our body and will neutralize them to save our body from many ailments and other deadly diseases such as arthritis, cancer, etc. But here the story doesn’t end. The alkaline water, while combining with these free radicals produces oxygen that oxygenates the body’s tissues and delivers high-level energy to the cells, thus rejuvenating the entire body.

2)    Detoxification -There’s nothing better than consuming alkaline water to detoxify the body, rather than using other artificial means to do so. Our various biological systems generate acid in the body that results in acidic reflux and ages us. In addition to this acid, there are other lots of toxins generated in our body because of various activities going in it. And, all this happens naturally in our body. Imagine, what would happen when someone would be taking medicines, drugs or other chemicals in addition to all this what is happening on their own in our body. Consuming alkaline ionized water is the simple solution to all this dilemma.

3)    Effective Hydration – The alkaline water machine during the ionization process forms microclusters of the water, which are easily absorbed by the body at the microscopic level and the cells get the necessary water they need for remaining hydrated for a longer period. This results in rejuvenating and reinvigorating the entire body and thus prevents aging.

Conclusion :- In a nutshell, we can say that the wisdom lies in going for Chanson water ionizer rather than other filtration machines.

Chanson India, the franchisee of Chanson Taiwan, the established pioneers of the alkaline water ionizers for the last 30 years are providing the time tested, cutting-edge alkaline water ionizers across the pan India.

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