27 Oct 2022

Use Of Alkaline Water In The Treatment Of Cancer

When we count for assets in life, good health takes the topmost spot but with changing lifestyles, being healthy has become a tough task. Chronic ailments are becoming common and one such is Cancer. Cancer leaves patients highly despondent and their families distressed. Dietary changes can cause a huge impact on cure and survival rates for patients. Water plays an important role in keeping us healthy and the right kind of water adds to the nutrients in our body. Usage of Alkaline water has shown a significant change in cancer rehabilitation and improved QOL(Quality of life) and alkaline water is good for health as generally seen.

Some medical journals have elaborately published the effect of alkaline water and its role in cancer. Cancer can start anywhere in the human body and normal course cells in the human body multiply to form new cells while the old ones die completing their life cycle on the contrary in cancer, there is an irregular and uncontrolled growth of malign cells which destroy the normal human tissue and hinder the proper functioning of the body. These journals claim that cancer cells are more rapidly in an acidic environment. Our body is acidic but the regular consumption of alkaline water reduces the acidity of our body. Once the pH of the body is brought to alkaline levels, a less conducive environment for cancer cell growth is given. Higher pH in our body can slow cancer cell growth.

Apart from cancer cell growth, one more important factor for any cancer patient or survivor is the overall health of the body and its ability to absorb nutrients so that it has the immunity to fight well with ailments. It has been observed that Alkaline water maintains the pH of the blood and thus helps fight acid reflux which in turn improves metabolism and increases the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. These nutrients play an important role in our fight against cancer. In general, it is widely accepted that keeping yourself hydrated is a must thing to do while undergoing rigorous cancer treatment processes like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. The after-effects of cancer treatments like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. can lead to dehydration. So, a good level of hydration is highly recommended along with the ongoing cancer-treatment process.  Now alkaline water has been shown to provide a hostile environment for cancer cells. And it also provides really good hydration which is far better than regular water.

 Alkaline water of about  3-4 litres along with alkaline food items like soy, beans, lentils, etc. can help in controlling blood pressure and body temperature hence giving a good quality of life to cancer patients. Alkaline water and its role in cancer are accepted as in cancer patients, it slows the growth of cancer cells but some people have the perception that alkaline water price is beyond the regular budgetary reach of the general public, which is again a myth as many innovative budding ionizer manufacturers are offering affordable rates and great quality of Ionisers. Alkaline water has been a proven companion in the journey of recovery from cancer.  It improves your blood acidity as acidosis can cause many chronic ailments like kidney failure so keeping the acid in your blood above 7.35 on the pH scale is recommended. For a quicker recovery, use Chanson Alkaline water and experience the change. 

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