13 Mar 2020

Why Is Alkaline water considered as the Game Changer in 2020?

Times have changed and so have changed the trends of staying healthy and fit. And with the beginning of the new decade, it would be a great idea to resolute to live heal and hearty without being subject to medicines, drugs, or surgeries.

The technology is evolving fast to come out with several handy options to make our lives elongated, better and convenient. Several new studies and researches have explored, claimed and proved that it is better to stay naturally fit and healthy than relying on pills or depending upon doctors to get sick and then get cured.

Alkaline water has landed as a boon and miracle of the era, to revolutionize the way we live and stay fit. It naturally keeps us energized, rejuvenated and enthusiastic throughout the day to make us finish our daily tasks in a couple of hours rather than closing our day with a vast pending list even after spending entire day struggling hard.

It helps us closing our day early before time while making us stay lively and energetic brimming with vitality, energy and vigour in those crucial hours when we are otherwise exhausted and over.

So, what is this Alkaline Water about?

We all drink water to quench our thirst and survive.

However, here the story does not end.

We drink water to keep ourselves hydrated and to keep our organs and systems intact to let our biological and other metabolic functions run smoothly and efficiently to keep our body energetic and bubbling to perform all activities happily and timely.

It is the energy and strength infused in our body that help us keep going and make us finish tasks well within time without fatigue or complain.

And, the catch here is, it is just not the water but the type of water we consume and drink, that let the body infuse strength and energy to let us work and finish our tasks. It is the energy that differentiates one from others who finish their work faster and earlier.

The water we drink is of three different types: neutral, acidic and the alkaline. It is the pH value of the water decides the type of water.

Neutral water bears the pH of 7 while acidic water bears a pH of less than 7 and alkaline water bears the pH of above 7. The pH is a scale that measures alkalinity of the water on a scale of 0-14.

0 being the most acidic, 7 being the neutral and 14 being the most alkaline one can well choose the type of water one requires. The alkaline water is good for consuming while the acidic water is suitable for washing and cleaning.

Why Is Alkaline water better?

The Alkaline water counters the acidic content of our body and prevents it from staying acidic.

It is the acidity in our body that weakens our metabolic functions and reduce our immune systems. The acidity decays the body, slows down its activities and delays its normal functioning resulting in acidic flux, irritating nature, improper digestion, poor blood circulation, irregular bowels, and poor health besides making body inefficient to cope up with daily pressures and fight against disease-causing pathogens and other micro-organisms. 

In other words, the acidity unknowingly makes our body function ineffectively and irregularly that reduces the immunity of the body and makes it vulnerable to get sick and become diseased even at a slight sign of irregularity.

Thus, the key to remaining healthy is to stay away from sickness and diseases and keep our body fit and immunity strong.

Alkaline water helps us keeping our immunity intact and provide us with an in-penetrable shield against disease-causing microbes and other pathogens in the most natural way without getting addicted to any habit, medicine or drug. It is as natural as we breathe, drink and eat. And it takes nothing more than replacing our regular drinking water with ionized alkaline water.

So, how Alkaline water is a game-changer?

Alkaline water helps in leading a life that is disease-free, healthy and fit, and thus keeps one at bay from the medicines and drugs. 

These drugs no doubt cure one but silently make them slaves to get addicted to these medicines and thus subjecting them to several other side-effects, while weakening their other biological systems besides exposing them to many other new deadly diseases. 

This not only weakens their body but in turn, make their body parasitic to hundreds of other incurable diseases that slowly and gradually keeps the body deteriorating and finally making it collapse much before time.

Thus, by merely replacing regular drinking water with ionized alkaline water, one can keep oneself healthy and fit, miles away from diseases and sickness. So, the wisdom lies in staying fit, heal, healthy and hearty rather than getting sick and becoming prey to the doctors, drugs and medicines.

On the one hand, it makes one lead a happy and long life and on the other hand prevents holes in the pocket by saving on medical fees, doctors consultation charges, hospitalization bills, medicines and drugs.

From where to get the best Alkaline Water Ioniser?

Chanson Alkaline Ionized water provides you with the best alkaline water that helps you tap water depending upon the alkalinity you require. It also provides you with clean acidic water that is not fit for drinking but has many other cleaning applications that is vital for any home or office.

On the feather touch panel, you can easily set the pH level of the water you require and can conveniently avail the natural benefits of this Alkaline water ionizer.

Chanson India, the franchisee of Chanson Taiwan, the established pioneers of the alkaline water ionizer for the last 30 years are providing the time tested, cutting-edge alkaline water ionizers across the pan India.

Conclusion: It is time to resolute in 2020 not to visit the doctor’s clinic and chemists besides wasting time, money and energy owing to improper water consumption, sick body, poor health and weak immunity. It is time to become wiser, mature and grow up intellectually to stay healthy, hearty and fit, and cure bodily ailments and shortcomings naturally.

And, that too by just switching over to Chanson Alkaline Water Ioniser, today.

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