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10 Jan 2023

Witness The Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water In Every Sip

In recent times, we all have read many articles relating to the role of water in good health and specifically the buzz around alkaline water. Even on social media, we have seen many celebrities endorsing the new entry; alkaline water. But the general public has very less knowledge about this miraculous water. Let's understand alkaline water. This is simply any water with an increased pH value or a decreased amount of hydrogen ion concentration in water in comparison to hydroxyl OH- ion. In definition, pH is in inverse proportion to hydrogen ion concentration. Alkaline water is made basic in nature by increasing or adding the concentration of minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. 

These minerals have an important role in the body apart from making the water alkaline as they are attached to negatively charged anions such as carbonate, hydrogen carbonate, and ascorbate. This property increases the pH of water turning it into alkaline water. The consumption of alkaline water is said to increase the hydration of the human body. In a scientific experiment, it was observed that the consumption of high-alkaline water with a pH concentration of 8.8 can significantly reduce and

restore high blood viscosity. Blood viscosity is an important hydration and rehydration marker. Intake of alkaline water shows a positive effect on the pH of urine as more acidic urine may be an idicator of reduced hydration in the body. 

The consumption of alkaline water is a valuable nutritional vector that influences both acid-base balance and hydration status in active and average healthy adults. Alkaline water is supposed to benefit bone health, reduce muscle wasting, and help in reducing the chances of chronic factors like hypertension and stroke. One major issue rectified by the intake of alkaline water is Acid Reflux Disease. It is simply caused by the flowing back of stomach acid into the esophagus. Many scientific studies show that alkaline water irreversibly inactivates and denatures human pepsin which is an enzyme that is responsible for the mechanism of reflux. 

Alkaline water and an alkaline diet, both are reported to reduce bone resorption and increase bone density. Many scientific papers claim that regular intake of alkaline water for years can slow down the process of ageing as it contains anti-oxidants. This happens because of ORP (Oxidation reduction potential). A negative ORP indicates that the water is antioxidant and Antioxidants prevent the formation of harmful chemicals known as "free radicals" in our bodies. Free radicals can accelerate ageing, and cause wrinkled skin and other disorders like cataracts, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Drink alkaline water and be a healthy individual thus increasing the equality of life. 

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