American marine ph meter

American marine ph meter

Pinpoint® pH Meter

Pinpoint® pH Meter with an affordable price is the only preference of customers worldwide when it comes to monitoring pH as it comes with a fantastic .01 resolution. It's sold with a probe and calibration fluids to bring and use with a 9volt battery (not included) without any further gadget. The electrodes (in case you need more) are also available separately, and they can fit any meter, monitor, or some other computer controller.

It's designed for a lifetime with proper use and care.

PINPOINT pH Probe has exciting features such as -

  • A suppression cable of 10 ft and a BNC connector
  • Range: -2,000 to +2,000 mV
  • Additional Calibration fluid
  • To be powered by a 9volt Battery (Not Included)
  • AC Adapter kit (Optional)
  • Extension Cable: 15 ft (Optional)
  • Replacement ORP Probe
  • ORP Maintenance Kit for Kangen/Alkaline Water
  • User Guide-For More Details
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